Saturday, March 19, 2016


Aroma sticks

In the East, they know how to put himself in a state of harmony and peace with the help of flavors. It was from there came to us the tradition of burning incense. Most often found on sale in the form of incense sticks, although there are also a cone-shaped pyramid, loose and spices, like plasticine. The last two species typically have a very strong odor, so that their use is recommended in open spaces. To explore the aromatherapy is better to choose a smell of sandalwood sticks - they have a mild and pleasant smell, which will be enjoyed by anyone.

Then try other monoaromaty: lavender, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, etc., then you will learn to distinguish one odor from another. To do this, fit Chinese incense. Then you can move to the Indian or Nepalese - they tend to be complex bouquets of smells. For incense stands and need kuritelnitsy. In addition to performing a support function, they are excellent interior decoration. These accessories are for all tastes and budgets, from very ordinary wood or clay to expensive bronze or brass inlaid with stones.

Essential oils

Essential oils - another flavorful way to calm the nerves and gain strength. Each of the aromatic oils has a set of healing properties, so choose something that not only you like the smell, but also suitable for the characteristics. For example, valerian oil relieve stress and insomnia; Verbena prevents vascular spasms and headaches; lavender is useful for the normalization of the liver, gallbladder.

Possible applications of aromatic oils are very wide. You can burn them in the oil burner, taking with them a bath, dripping into the water or stirring with cosmetic salt added to creams, shampoos, massage oils, and even wine, apply compresses or inhalations. Another advantage of essential oils lies in the fact that you yourself can change the intensity of smell and create a mix of flavors to your liking. Mix the orange and mint, juniper and pine, patchouli and bergamot - the options are limited only by your desire. Everything you need to aromatherapy can be purchased in stores specializing in the sale of products from the East, vegetarian or yoga stores. Such products can be found in stores of cosmetics, goods for the health or drug stores. Use for themselves and the most simple, but such pleasant ways to make home sweet smell: spices for food or scented soap in a box of laundry. Even little things can add comfort and a nice flavor in your life.