Saturday, March 19, 2016

Essential Hair Oil

Effective use of essential oils in case of problems with hair

For example, sage oil strengthens the hair, stopping hair loss and stimulating them to divide the scalp cells. Rosemary oil is good for the sensitive skin of the head, removing irritation and dryness. When excessive activity of the sebaceous glands are recommended mask with oil of juniper - it normalizes seboregulyatsiyu and prevents the rapid contamination of hair. On sluggish, loose, dull hair excellent tonic effect has oil rose. A grapefruit oil is indispensable for hair loss, caused by stress: it improves the blood circulation of the scalp and relieves feelings of anxiety, stress.

Essential oils are dissolved in the "transport" means - neutral oil (olive, apricot, peach) or ready-balm. And even better - targeted to buy cosmetics with essential oils. This is the final word in the art of self-care. Mankind has realized that the path to beauty and health, based on the chemical effects on the body, leading to allergies and a host of side effects. True health and beauty - in harmony with nature, which are an integral part of the essential oils.