Saturday, March 19, 2016

The use and storage of essential oils

About medical facilities essential oils known since ancient. So, in his scientific works of the Persian physician Avicenna (X-XI centuries.) Described the essential oils more than 800 plants and their effect on the physical and mental health, his mood. Essential oils not only have a pleasant smell, but also a high biological activity, healing properties. Aromatherapy - a reliable assistant in health promotion.

The use of essential oils

The healers of antiquity had no doubt that with the help of essential oils can solve a lot of trouble beauty and health problems. In XX century the art of aromatherapy, finally recognized and official medicine. Moreover, this ancient art is now required to study medical students in France.

Essential oils and psycho-emotional state

Our mood is directly related to odors that we breathe. For example, the aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastries instantly elevates mood, and in sensitive individuals, even causing a slight smile. But there are other examples: according to research by American scientists, the smell of chlorine a person is always associated with the hospital, and his breathing, experiencing severe stress. Therefore, in America, all medical institutions are treated with the addition of fragrant drugs essential substances.

The essential oil, like no other medium can in seconds change the psycho-emotional state of man: to cheer him or, conversely, soothe. Some aromamasel even stimulate creativity. American scientists conducted an experiment involving 500 people. People are asked to draw whatever they want, and then inhale the aromas of conifers and citrus oils, and return to the drawing. Interestingly, after a session of aromatherapy subjects used more bright colors, their work has been more fancy and creative.

Wake creativity will also help bergamot, marjoram and rosemary. These plants are not only loved by the French condiment for meat, but also a powerful anti-depressants.

Essential oils against the common cold

In winter, the season of colds and flu, ancient tools in the arsenal of "fragrant" pharmacies are particularly in demand.
From the common cold will save the essential oils of basil, geranium, cinnamon, sage and nutmeg. Inhale them before going out. Fill the citrus scents surrounding area. Oils of these solar fruit well proven as a powerful disinfectants and mild antidepressant.
A pronounced anti-inflammatory effects have tea tree oil, ginger, sandalwood, clove, sage, pine.
Reliable assistant in the fight against colds and coughs all kinds - lemon, eucalyptus, myrtle, frankincense, thyme, anise, cypress.
If you are hoarse and, moreover, you have laryngitis, will help the essential oils of lavender, rose, sage.
In the case of colds and flu, use aromomasla bergamot, pine, spruce and cedar, mint, fennel, anise, lavender, chamomile.

Essential oils with stomach problems

In an age of fast food a rare inhabitant metropolis boasts a healthy stomach. A special group of risk - motivated climbers, office workers, who sacrifice a regular meal in favor of high productivity. Dinner? On this there is simply no time, because the boss wants you to do an urgent report. And so every day.
To help aromatherapy comes again. Spasms and cramps in the stomach and intestine will be removed bergamot, verbena, anise, fennel, chamomile, rose, pine. From heartburn save sage, lemon, mint. The feeling of heaviness in the stomach will be removed aromas of anise, ginger, nutmeg, juniper and oregano.

How to use essential oils

Essential oils themselves are very concentrated product, so they should be used, mixed with some neutral base oil (on the skin) or with water.
A few drops of essential oil can be added to the inhaler in a hot water bath in aromakuritelnitsu ... or take with you to work. To do this, buy a stylish aromamedalon ceramic amphorae, drip to the bottom of a few drops of oil of the desired and put on neck. Periodically inhale the healing aroma.
There is another way. Major sprinkle with sea salt with essential oils and then pour the resulting "medicine" in the small box. Suitable tin packaging from under the chewable lozenges or fruit drops.

Terms of storage of essential oils

Essential oils have a high sensitivity to light, so they must be stored in a dark place, in a bubble of brown or blue glass at room temperature. Shelf life aromamasel up to three years. Exception - citrus fruits, they "live" no more than a year.

A well-chosen essential oils, as we have said, will help attain peace of mind, relieve stress, improve concentration, energize. When choosing a fragrance trust your preferences. Since, according to the science of aromatherapy, each scent is "responsible" for certain organs and emotions, your body itself will determine what he needs at the moment.