Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Benefits From Medical Email Appointment Reminders by Jim Peterson

Nowadays, many medical practices make use of call processing systems and other services including voice broadcasting, SMS and E-mail reminders. In fact, in a world where everybody knows the internet, buys, sell and even date online, not having a website and an email account will certainly limit your business opportunities. Many doctors have already come to face with this fact, building websites that let their patients sign up with their practice and even book an appointment online.

Also, the market offers very interesting applications to let doctors organize their daily agendas, by adopting SMS and email appointment reminders, which reduce missed appointments and let their medical receptionist focus on other tasks.

But let's start from the beginning. How can you book an appointment online? First of all, online appointment schedulers comply with all HIPAA requirements in that the safety element of protecting the client's medical information is secure. The online appointment scheduler has these very time-saving functions - it can book appointments for patients for clinical visits or operations and if necessary generate electronic medical records (EMR) for new patients. A time and date is booked and the calendar entry is done with all the details.

Your online medical appointment scheduler will also book meetings, marking blocks of time where no appointments can be made, if you were in surgery, or away for instance, and it can also book appointments for personal events. There are three calendars provided for each medical practitioner within one practice. One calendar that is used for just practice visits. One showing all visits, practice and hospital, and a personal events that are not medical related. Each system has a consolidated calendar showing all visits for all the practitioners in the practice. The online medical scheduler allows you to control who has access for viewing each of the separate calendars. This ensures security of information. The online appointment scheduler let’s you choose the duration of each patient visit and any event you want to schedule time for. This fantastic system can save the patient, spare every medical receptionist and doctor an enormous amount of stress and can streamline your practice to run like clockwork.

Furthermore, you may remind your patients of their upcoming appointments by sending them emails and SMS. Patients will certainly love the fact of not having to wait for the receptionist to put see to them, or deal with a ringing telephone because the receptionist is dealing with someone else and is too busy. This way there will not be a room full of patients waiting because appointment are overbooked, running late, patient came in too early/late. You will wonder how you ever managed without this time-saver. Today we are all looking for ways to make our lives easier run smoother and flow. The online scheduler will do all this for you. And keep you on top of things.