Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Benefits From Medical Phone Call Reminders. by Jim Peterson

There are many software applications available for those medical practices that wish to be up-to-date, offering their patients the best services on the market, including SMS, email and phone call appointment reminders. Most doctors, in fact, rely on appointment scheduling to manage their patients and keep their business on-going. In fact, whenever a person fails to show up for an appointment, all patients have to wait longer and the medical receptionist gets frustrated as she can sense the common dissatisfaction.

However, if you are a medical receptionist, there are a few tips to avoid such frustrating episodes:

* Remind patients of their appointments and try to explain why it is so important that they do not forget, as it would cause several problems to the whole medical staff.

* Educate patients while being kind and caring. Tell them that if they want to re-schedule their appointments, they should give call in advance to give you notice.

Fortunately, there are some applications that have been designed specifically to help you with these tasks, such as alarms and reminders.

All the patient has to do is sign up from the practice web site, fill the printable medical form and register with you. Then, as soon as they book their appointment, a group of services will be automatically activated.

These services include automated phone call reminders which are sure to be very useful as they automatically call the patient to remind them of their upcoming appointment, along with SMS and email reminders. These applications will help your practice by reducing its no-show rate, which means the medical receptionist will finally work in a pleasant environment and patients will be happier with the service offered.

All this will greatly benefit your business and your income.

In fact, we should not forget that every medical office has a productivity to maintain and, whenever we do not show up for our appointments, we damage the work of the whole staff, not just of the medical receptionist.

That is why the whole registering and booking process has been drastically simplified, letting you find the practice closer to your home by simply googling "Toronto dentist", and registering directly from the medical web form that you may even print out, in case you don't feel safe sharing your personal information on the web (even if all these services comply with the HIPAA requirements, which are sure to keep your data safe).

Then, once you are registered with your local practice, you may book your appointment using an online scheduler, which will automatically activate one or more reminders, but that depends on what services the medical staff has chosen to adopt. You might receive an e-mail reminder, as well as an SMS, or an automated phone call which also allows you to re-schedule your appointment, postponing it to a later date.