Sunday, October 23, 2011

Comparison Of A Medical Office That Uses A Virtual Medical Receptionist With A Regular Old - Fashioned Medical Office by Jim Peterson

There are two ways of running a medical office and it's very easy to deduce that both are worlds apart. The first is the more conventional, old fashioned way while the second is the modern approach to it. This is the old fashioned way of running your clinic: you have a waiting area where your patients, as well as new registrants, patiently wait while your medical assistant or front desk receptionist prepares their medical records or checks their newly completed registration forms so that you may go over them before calling in the next patient.

Your front desk receptionist also has to answer phone calls and inquiries which may range from follow up calls on the result of a patient's latest check-up, a patient trying to schedule or cancel an appointment he previously made and new patients who may call, too, to set up an appointment. With the many things your medical receptionist does, it's hard to imagine how she can make your medical office run like a well-oiled machine.

With all the things your receptionist does manually, it's not impossible for human error to occur. The error could be on the part of your medical receptionist or on the part of your patients themselves. This is one situation where you can't really put the blame on anybody in particular simply because as humans, we are all bound to make mistakes.

The second way of running a medical office is the modern, more tech-savvy way. This doesn't mean you would have to say goodbye to your front desk receptionist. On the contrary, you would instead get her a very able helper in the form of a virtual medical receptionist. Yes, in this day where technology makes lives easier for everyone, you can now have a virtual medical office set up for you.

This virtual medical office is an extension of your clinic, albeit virtually. This means that your patients, as well as new ones, can simply access your medical office using the internet. Your virtual medical office will be equipped with an automated medical receptionist, something with which your patients can schedule appointments, cancel appointments, estimate how much they would pay you for the check up they have scheduled and even sign up for an initial appointment.

A virtual medical receptionist is a good investment for a medical practice of any size because it will save you and your front desk receptionist a lot of time which can be devoted to other things that needs to be done instantly in your medical office. It is a cost effective way of promoting your business and making your medical office run more smoothly and efficiently.