Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Benefits Do Dental Offices Derive From Using A Trauma Diagnostic Questionnaire? by Jim Peterson

The advancement in technology has opened many doors for people. Nowadays, people can do almost everything with just a few clicks of their mouse button and a few strokes on the computer keyboard. People can now work at home and just communicate with their superiors or employees through e-mail and instant messaging. They can now shop online, pay bills online, and even set medical appointments online. Simply put, most of the things that required people to exert extra effort in the past can now be accomplished without them having to leave their homes.

In a similar way, innovations in technology have also helped medical practitioners to effectively carry out their businesses. It was mentioned earlier that people can now set appointments with their doctors online. Aside from that, there are a host of many different things that can be accomplished online that makes life easier for both patients and medical practitioners.

Take for example what most Toronto dentists have done. They have worked with developers of the AssistMedic system to make their business more practical not only to them but to their patients as well. The AssistMedic system is basically a system that allows patients to access the websites of these Toronto family dentists and fill up web forms to request for appointments, submit oral health reports and even fill out the Trauma Diagnostic Questionnaire which is something that needs to be accomplished in case a patient gets involved in an accident.

Oftentimes, when a person gets involved in an accident, they receive treatments for inevitable effects of the accident like concussions, bruises and so on. It's something a general practitioner can work on. However, if a patient suffers from dental injuries as a result of the accident, cosmetic dentists would need a filled up Trauma Diagnostic Questionnaire since it is required by law. This questionnaire has to be filled up with all pertinent information necessary for a trauma related diagnosis. Cosmetic dentists usually send a copy of the questionnaire to the Department of Public Welfare and insurance companies.

This medical innovation, the creation of Trauma Diagnostic Questionnaire, actually cuts both ways. For the patients, it means not having to personally go to their dentists to submit their trauma questionnaire. Instead, they can fill it up or have someone fill it up for them right in the comfort of their own homes. For cosmetic dentists, it means less or possibly no paperwork at all. They can just simply access the custom web forms and securely facilitate the distribution of the forms to their branches to institutions that need access to the form.

Dentists, cosmetic dentists and other medical practitioners are busy people. They check up on a lot of people and the development of the AssistMedic system is something that would effectively help them perform their job. The web forms, in this case the Trauma Diagnostic Questionnaire, will allow them to look into each patient's case even before they actually meet with their patients. So the patients are spared from a grueling question and answer session with their cosmetic dentists and the dentists in turn can immediately get to work. The IcyCRM system, therefore, help dentists become more effective and productive.