Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Impact - Free Elliptical Trainer Machines by Tomlinson Edwards

Elliptical trainer machines and treadmills are the most popular pieces of equipment for exercise and are excellent for indoor aerobic workout. Though comparatively newer than the treadmill, elliptical trainers have become popular for their impact-free and gentle workout. This feature makes them more appealing for people with joint problems or pain.

This machine is the most efficient for a good cardiovascular workout and, with a dual action handlebar for hands and pedals for legs; it gives a total body workout. The lack of impact on the joints gives an impression of an effortless workout.

Another outstanding feature of the elliptical trainer machines is its ability to add variety to aerobic exercises, such as a change in cross ramp incline or intensity of the machine or just using the foot pedal during an elliptical trainer workout. But its most unique feature remains the forward and reverse features on the foot pedal that enable the toning of the quadriceps muscles.

For elliptical trainer workout at home, you need to have a machine. Some of the features that can help you make the right decision while buying is:

* Smooth Motion And Less Noise - The pedals should move smoothly and not jerk, and the machine itself should not make noise.

* Stride Length - A stride length of 21" is ideal for an average-sized person

* Adjustable Incline - Though not very important, this feature can add more intensity to your workout.

* Upper Body Options - Having arm handles in the elliptical trainers provide more intensity.

* Adjustable Resistance - The machine should have a broad range of resistance for maximum benefit.

* It will be beneficial if the machine offers warm-up and cool-down periods, handrails to provide support, an easy-to-read console, and a heart monitor. An interactive version is also good to provide automatically adjusted workouts.