Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Sweating Armpits Cause Body Odor by Lynsey Carter

Body odor is normally a specific, and a mainly most-times unpleasant, smell belonging to an individual who will most likely have sweating armpits. Armpits tend to be the area of the body giving off the most odor because that area is normally a confined and damp space where some poentially serious, and potentially nasty, bacteria come to play.

This body odor that is given off by the individual can be also seriously influenced by a series of events, namely:

* their gender;

* their state of health;

* their dietary tastes;

* and any medication that they may be taking.

One way to control the volume of sweat you are producing could well depend on the amount of water you are consuming. Drinking a lot of water will allow the water being excreted through your pores to do so relatively easily and simply. But once you begin to heat up through your activity or your environmental conditions, there is the likely-hood of dehydration beginning to come in to play with your body sweating a storm.

One method to check on your hydration levels, if you have been sweating alot, is to check the toilet after you have been to urinate. If your urine is clear, then you are adequately hydrated, but if your urine is a pale yellow through to a dark yellow, then you are becoming more and more dehydrated. The darker the urine the worse your dehydration level, and you must drink water immediately to stop yourself becoming sick or ill.

Dehydration headaches are as bad, if not worse, than migraines. And serious dehydration can lead to muscle meltdown and/or death.

As you dehydrate, then less water is excreted as sweat becoming more concentrated in minerals such as lactate and urea. As these minerals are likely to be more concentrated, then the bacteria that feed off of these particular molecules tend to become more active. More active bacteria will mean more odor produced as this volatile byproduct of the bacteria's own waste creation process.

This is where water or most other drinks and juices come into their own, by aiding in keeping your hydration levels topped-up so that you are able to cope.

What you consume can also be determined in the smell of your sweat too. Some people reek of garlic the day after consuming garlic prawns for example, even-though they have showered and cleaned their teeth. Your sweated body odor can give your secrets away.

Another very good source of liquid replenishment are the fruit drinks and juices, natural preferably, as they impart a liquefied vitamin pill straight into your body, giving it a quick 'fix', both in hydration and nutrition.

Sweat itself is nearly odorless, but with the prolifically multiplying bacteria added to a confined space as in your armpit, this is the recipe that creates the odor that does come from your armpits.

Copyright (c) 2010 Lynsey Carter