Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No More Excuses For Fitness Locations by Robert D. Franklin

Many people know how important exercise is in their weight loss and health plan, but they still have a difficult time fitting it into their busy schedules.

One possible reason could be that exercise can be challenging when you first start off or you just hand yourself the excuse that you just don't have the time.

What works for me and even most clients is that no matter which exercise program they choose, it definitely should be something they enjoy. Especially when it comes to the setting and location.

For me, like many have, I converted one of the rooms in my house into a “home gym”.

And, NO, home gym does not mean the most expensive, high tech equipment is in there. Honestly, the only items that make up my home gym are: an exercise ball, some adjustable weights, a mat, and a used stationary bike. Nothing big or expensive about it!

I have joined gyms in the past and reminded myself to go. But like so many other gym members, I never went! Since I seriously enjoy exercising, wouldn't you think I would use my gym membership?

Since revamping that extra room into an exercise room, I love it. It’s my private time and I don’t have to worry about someone else needing the equipment or people lurking around suspiciously. I know it’s a great way to start any of days. I started to think if this could possibly be what’s stopping many people from exercising.

It could be an opposite situation for you. You don’t like working out in your home and you would much rather get out and be motivated by other healthy people.

Whatever the case may be, choose something you enjoy! You will never make a lifestyle change to include exercise on a consistent basis if you don’t enjoy it. Who would want to do something that feels like torture? Not me, and I don't think for you either.

My big question to you is: What are you doing to make your workout time enjoyable? Join an adult sports league? Start your own exercise group? Join a new gym? Set up a home gym? Find a workout partner? There are so many choices.

Be sure to try the different options out there and narrow down which activity you would enjoy best. Then, exercise will never have to be a drag.