Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Way to Lose Weight for Vegetarians by Laura Ng

You probably already know that eating and exercising are 2 effective ways to lose weight for vegetarians. But what kind of vegetarian weight loss diet will generate maximum fat loss and what type of exercise to do to get the best weight loss effect? We'll go into each of them later, and then at the end I'll show you the third way to lose weight vegetarian 10 times more effective than any other methods in the world. It's kind of challenging but if losing weight is what you want, then you'll find it rewarding.

What Diet to Eat to Lose Weight for Vegetarians?

Are you game enough to lose weight vegetarian with raw vegan diet? Vegan food doesn't include dairy and eggs - anything that associates with animals will be excluded! By the way, dairy and eggs carry certain amount of chemicals injected into the animal body during farming. And these chemicals could pose harm to your health, which in turn trigger metabolic disorder and hamper weight loss.

To make matter worse, you eat other processed vegetarian foods high in sugar, sodium and saturated fat, which explain why you gain weight easily, especially on your midsection.

Hence, a raw vegan diet with very minimal processing is the best and most effective way to help you lose weight vegetarian. You can begin with eating 10% raw and then progressively increase your raw intake to 20% and so forth. Your taste buds will probably get used to the raw flavor after 2 - 3 weeks, depending on individuals.

Warning: You can't eat certain vegetables and grains (like rice) in raw. For example, some vegetables such as buckwheat greens and parsnips require steaming or boiling to remove their toxic properties by nature. They won't kill you even if you eat them raw, but they may cause some skin problems or make you sensitive to light.

What Exercise to Do for Maximum Fat Loss?

Assuming you love cycling. Here's how to do to burn more fat with your bike. You start off with a normal pace at say, 15 miles an hour. You keep to that speed for 10 minutes as warm-up, then you increase the speed to 25 miles an hour and stay there for 2 - 3 minutes before you drop back to 15 miles an hour for another 5 minutes.

Simply put, low-high-low-high-low is the intensity pattern in interval training which is exceptionally effective and efficient to help you lose weight vegetarian. Include interval pattern in any form of exercise, and you're bound to lose more fat than those who're still doing "one-more, two-more…" monotonously in cardio exercise.

Warning: When you first begin interval training, as your muscles may have yet to condition to sustain such low-high intensity changes, make the transition gradual. Once you become seasoned with it, moving on from 3/10 straight to 8/10 intensity level should not pose a problem and risk injury easily.

Ultimate Best Way to Lose Weight for Vegetarians

Eating raw vegetarian diet promotes easy fat loss. Doing interval training helps burn more fat. What if you combine these 2 super techniques together? You're going to lose weight vegetarian so much effective than executing only one of them in your weight loss regimen.

It's common sense to combine them into one, I know! But how many overweight vegetarians will do them both? Honestly, I'm leaving the ball in your court now. To make or break your vegetarian weight loss success, you have the final say.