Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lose Belly Fat for Vegetarians - 3 Proven Belly Fat Loss Tips by Laura Ng

It doesn't make good sense to encourage people to go vegetarian yet having your pot belly sticking out at your mid-section. You want to sound convincing in your going-vegetarian campaign, you need to reverse the negative impression you leave on others, that is, lose your belly fat.

Doing crunches and sit-ups is never the solution to lose belly fat. Undergoing a vegetarian weight loss diet that only restricts your calories and gives you just that small list of foods you can eat is not the ultimate solution too. You need these 3 things to effectively lose your belly fat and flatten your "vegetarian" tummy.

Belly Fat Loss Tip 1 - Discipline

Being discipline is not about exercising will-power to help you overcome the harsh dieting condition. By discipline, I mean you must make the right vegetarian food choices at all times. With so many "deliciously" fried and sodium-laced vegetarian foods around, losing your grip is no surprise.

Take this - look at other flat tummies and look at yours in the mirror, and keep telling yourself that you want to get rid of this ugly paunch. This will, in turn, motivate you to lose belly fat.

Belly Fat Loss Tip 2 - Nutrients

Nutrients are what your body needs to boost metabolism and burn calories. Without a full range of nutrients, your body can't stay metabolically active at all time. You may lose belly fat and lose weight initially with a fixed group of vegetarian weight loss foods, but you'll soon reach a weight loss plateau. That's because your body doesn't receive all essential nutrients it needs to function at its peak.

The most common nutrients vegetarians lack are those that come from vegetables. Vegetables are particularly effective on losing stomach fat. That said, increase your veggie intake now if you want to lose belly fat. Oh, don't forget to cut back on your processed vegetarian food, particularly the high-sodium, high-sugar and high-fat textured vegetable protein (TVP).

Belly Fat Loss Tip 3 - Total Body Ab Workouts

Don't waste your time doing 500 crunches and 1000 sit-ups. They only ache your tummy instead of sculpting your midsection. Use total body ab workouts like cross-body mountain climbers, chops, mountain climbers, spiderman climbs, jumping jacks, pushups, elevated pushups etc that will lose your belly fat more effectively.

To recap, you need good discipline to carry out your nutrient-rich vegetarian weight loss diet plan that includes a total body fat-burning workout targeting on losing tummy fat. With these 3 things at work together, I promise you'll lose belly fat over the next 2 weeks or so - at least 1 inch off your waistline.