Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet - 5 Things You Must Know to Lose Weight with Vegetarian Diet by Laura Ng

What vegetarian diet are you eating for weight loss? If you're not getting amazing results from that, then you should take note of what I'm going to show you. Not all vegetarian diet will help you lose weight effectively. The diet needs to carry all sorts of essential nutrients as well as the special weight loss ingredients to serve the purpose. In short, an effective vegetarian weight loss diet should achieve these 5 things for you:

1. Give you all essential nutrients your body needs to perform its daily tasks and functions. Our body is made up of trillions of cells. If you don't give what they need, they'll not perform at full tank. They control everything in our body, including metabolism that controls and manages your weight.

2. Make you feel full easily. A successful vegetarian weight loss diet should fill you up easily with its fiber-rich ingredients and foods, so you'll lose all the cravings for sugar and other high-calorie processed vegetarian foods that make you fat.

3. Make you feel full longer. Again, it's the fiber at work. Fiber is hard to digest and hence able to help you stay satisfied over longer hours.

4. Help you burn more calories than the calorie content of the food itself. This requires your food to contain both complex-carb and fiber to get the effect. Complex-carb takes longer to break down than simple-carb food, and fiber helps to slow down the digestion even more. Hence, your vegetarian weight loss foods in your diet plan should bear these 2 vital components.

5. Help you remove waste EVERY DAY. Whenever I get bogged down with work and try to eat as conveniently as I could without due consideration for the quality of food, I'll have a hard time clearing my waste and having my lower tummy sticking out unsightly. Instead of every day, sometimes it took 2 - 3 days to detox. Learning that, I started to choose my vegetarian diet very carefully even during my busy period. And my bowel moves 1 - 2 times daily and flattens my tummy every day. It's the fiber at work again.

In a nutshell, your vegetarian weight loss diet should contain 30 - 35 grams of fiber daily from various ingredients - not just sticking to a small group of food. This way you'll also absorb many other important vitamins and minerals your body needs for proper bodily and metabolic functioning. Oh, don't forget to drink enough water to soften your stool and let it pass out smoothly.