Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fitness Training: Celebrate Your Body (And Get Results Faster) by Anders N W Lindgreen

Yes, being unhappy with your appearance makes celebrating your body difficult. But if a great body was all it took, how come celebrities and supermodels have insecurities about their shape and looks while they remain “perfect” in our eyes? It’s because it is all in our heads. The difference is in attitude and perception, because confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. And the best thing is that your subconscious cannot understand logic, only repetition and impact. So, if you can start to think more encouraging thoughts, accepting yourself for who you are (even though you may feel like you are tricking yourself) - your subconscious will eventually believe it. But right now, you internal dialogue may be a more negative one and because that’s what your emotional centre hears, sees and feels most of the time, that’s what it will hold true.

So, do what you need to change that mindset and love your body for what it is TODAY. You can achieve this by writing down each negative thought the moment you have it and write down two positive affirmations next to it. It will feel silly, but it will also WORK – if you keep doing it. But don’t expect a 24-h turnaround. You can also take help of bluntly honest mates or a personal shopping assistant and update your wardrobe and style to be more flattering to your shape and enhance your strong points. Everyone has them. Just because you are large doesn’t mean you should dress in huge Hawaiian shirts or balloon dresses that look more like table cloth or bed linen. If you are a big man, slap on suit and get the body guard look, what girl wouldn’t want a man that can protect her? If you are a large girl, chances are you have great curves. Everyone is different, so expert advice is what you need here. What you don’t need are mates who agree with everything you try on, just to be n!

ice and accommodating. Get your blunt fashionista or metro mates out or visit any (at least slightly) up-market stores, ask for a shop assistant and invest in your self-image and self-confidence! Not only will you feel great about yourself when you do, but your fitness training and lifestyle transformation will go down a treat with all that self-belief. In fact, I don’t think there is anything you cannot do in this state of mind – not – one – single – thing!