Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tips to Help Vegetarians Lose Weight by Laura Ng

Without further ado, let's get down to the tried-and-true tips to help vegetarians lose weight. There are essentially 2 parts in these vegetarian weight loss tips - dieting and exercising. Sounds familiar? Believe me. You might not have heard of these dieting and exercising tips to help vegetarians lose weight before. So sit tight and listen carefully, and follow them to the letter, where possible. This will ensure you get a combined winning formula to help you melt away the unwanted pounds.

Dieting Tips to Help Vegetarians Lose Weight

It's not simply about eating a vegetarian weight loss diet and you'll lose weight with it. You need some tips to complement the diet for a true effective fat loss.

5 Meals a Day - Break your 3 larger main meals into 5 smaller meals, namely, breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. This 5-meal plan will ensure you get enough food to generate adequate energy to support your daily tasks. It'll boost your metabolism along the way. You need an active metabolism to burn fat.

70 / 30 Rule - You should only fill your stomach to 70% full when eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, while 30% full through each of your snacks. Eating too full will make you feel tired easily and reluctant to move. 70% has been proven to be just the right satiety level for optimal metabolic boost.

Fiber - Fiber makes you feel full easily so you won't heap on excess calories. Fiber also helps your body to detox. Hence, include more natural fibrous foods in your vegetarian weight loss diet.

Protein - When you do not consume enough protein, your body will break down your muscle tissue. Muscle accelerates metabolism to burn fat. When you lose your lean muscle mass, it means, your metabolism will slow down. Therefore, remember to eat a reasonable amount of protein to avoid muscle loss.

Hydration - Water carries zero calories and boosts metabolism. Drink adequate supply of water. Eliminate all sugared or high-calorie beverages.

Last but not least, keep your vegetarian weight loss diet free of processed ingredients as far as possible. Whole foods help vegetarians lose weight more effectively.

Exercising Tips to Help Vegetarians Lose Weight

I just told you that muscle burns fat, right? Exercising helps to build up your lean muscle mass which results in an increased metabolism. But how to exercise to achieve greater fat loss?

Time to Exercise - Morning has been proven to be the best time to burn more fat. Try to work out before 7 A.M, where possible.

What to Exercise - High-intensity interval training burns relatively more fat and keeps your metabolism active up to 24 hours. Cardio only burns fat during the exercise bout. But if you feel cardio works best for you due to your age or other reasons, it'll do just as fine to burn fat, albeit slower and lesser.

These tips are not comprehensive, but they should suffice to help vegetarians lose weight as a start. At the very least, you should apply the dieting tips. However, I still strongly recommend that you begin with some simple exercises to help you build your momentum for upcoming fat loss workouts. This is the winning formula to effective vegetarian weight loss.