Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vegetarian Weight Loss - 1 Tip for Overweight Vegetarians to Break Weight Loss Plateau by Laura Ng

Are you one vegetarian getting stuck at a weight loss plateau? You're not alone; many other vegetarians do face the same thing. Imagine you have switched from the fattening processed vegetarian food to vegetarian weight loss diet. You lost some pounds initially but then it stopped and no more pound loss. You still got some belly fat to lose. Obviously, you're not achieving effective vegetarian weight loss. What has actually gone wrong?

Why Can't Overweight Vegetarians Lose More Weight?

Before we get down to why vegetarians can't lose weight, I think we should first take a quick look at what causes weight gain. Becoming a vegetarian doesn't guarantee you'll lose weight. When you eat more refined, processed vegetarian foods, you gain pounds due to their high-sugar, high-salt and high-fat content, of course, plus other chemical additives (added to enhance color and flavor) that impair your body and trigger metabolic disorder.

Upon learning that, you turn smart and start switching to whole natural vegetarian foods for good health and of course, to help you lose weight. Yes, it works. But after losing some inches on your belly and shedding as many as 40 pounds, your fat-burning engine stops all of a sudden. Hey, you still got some stomach fat to burn. Not forgetting your thighs and buttocks too. But it stops losing fat? Why?

After some information exchange with these overweight vegetarians who can't wait to lose more weight, I discover the one issue that has been bugging them since they were young, and even becoming a vegetarian didn't seem to change much. That is, they don't like to eat vegetables.

What has eating less vegetable got to do with weight loss plateau? Listen, vegetables can effectively purge toxins out of your body. These toxins may have been amassed during those times when you were still happily enjoying your "tasty" prepackaged processed food. Your body requires a broad spectrum of nutrients to wash out the toxins completely, before your fat-burning engine can start running at full tank. So, leaving veggies out from your weight loss diet or eating less of it can skew your vegetarian weight loss plan.

Simple Solution to Break Weight Loss Plateau

By the way, what makes you cringe at eating vegetables? Their taste, green smell or you simply don't like the green leafy color or the way they look? Whatever your reasons may be, you want to lose weight as a vegetarian and break weight loss plateau, you must try to increase you veggie intake. Here I show you a tip to achieve that yet avoiding triggering your dislike for vegetables at the same time.

Blend veggies into your fruit smoothie in a (fruit to vegetable) 4:2 ratio. This way you won't have to put up with the "green" smell or flavor but yet get to savor the goodness of Mother Nature's weight loss foods. Here's a sample recipe to help you start off:

Vegetarian Weight Loss Smoothie

- 2 cups of butterhead lettuce

- 1 carrot

- 2 bananas

- 1 mango

- 1 cup of strawberries

- 1 cup of water

Now, this recipe is very filling because of its high dietary fiber. You can eat it as a whole meal for your breakfast or dinner. And you should change the ingredients every day and gradually up the ratio to 3:2 so you'll get a balance of various nutrients from different mixture of food. Ta-da, a simple tip to help any vegetarian who doesn't eat much vegetable to break weight loss plateau. Now, is losing weight as a vegetarian difficult? Not if you know the tricks.