Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Easily End Night Sweating Causes...So Quickly by Lynsey Carter

To find out how to end your sleeping sweating, or your night sweats causes, is relatively easy sometimes as there as various elements involved in what it is that does cause your night sweats. Although, some have been successful for some folks these may not always have been successful for others. These nightly irritations do not always allow some people to find relief and have a sleepful night. Those people who may not know what is meant by the the term 'night sweats', well, here is a brief summary of what that condition is. Along with some small pieces of advice to try; some of these have worked for others.

Medically known as hyperhidrosis sweating, 'night sweats' will mean a person excessively perspires during their sleeping hours or they will be sweating while sleeping. This will result in that person getting very little or no sleep altogether, as they are always sweating, and this can lead to so much irritation they will often wake up saturated, or be in a drenched bed.

A number of factors can cause you to suddenly develop these night sweats:

* what you consume in your daily diet- review everything you eat and when you eat it;

* hormonal changes you may have been experiencing, including menopause sweating;

* and certain diseases you may have contracted previously which may result in a sweating fever.

Getting rid of these hated night sweats is possible and some former sufferers have commented that you can control sweating by:

* firstly, you should try changing your diet by eliminating all types of spicy foods, all alcohol, all tea and all coffee;

* or you could invest in some lovely air-conditioning for your bedroom - either a fixed wall unit or a cheaper way is with a couple of standing floor fans.Place them thoughtfully around your bedroom, and your bed, to create a constant breeze that will blow either over or on to your over-heated body, and thereby will create a gentle airflow throughout your bedroom. If you can accomplish this then you may be able to finally get some well-deserved sleep, once and for all.

If someone, yourself included, is looking more for the 'natural cure', you may find it helpful to try this - mix some raw honey in a glass or tumbler, with a small amount of apple cider vinegar, and drink it, three times a day. You will have to try a series of strength levels in this tincture to find the formula that is most like-able to you, not too tart and not too sweet. There are many other natural holistic home-brewing recipes to choose from in combating hyperhidrosis, but keep reading...

Some other treatment options you may wish to consider, depending on the cause of your night-time bed sweating, might include:

* try wearing loose clothing, or no clothing at all to bed (yes, naked!), and keep the bed covers as-light-as-possible, maybe only sheets,;

* reducing your weight, especially if you are obese - this will also help other body function and ailments too (diabeties etc);

* medical management - perhaps helping in reducing the instances of the hot flushes of menopause sweating;

* antiperspirant deodorant applications you use - the sprays, the roll-ons, and the powders - check them for suitability to you;

* botox injections - to paralyse your sweat glands, and a single injection could last up to six to nine months But as with all surgery, think of this as a last-resort treatment, and definitely discuss this action with your family doctor first;

* surgery to the nerve endings that control your sweat glands functions - but this is the final action in the most severe cases where every other treatment has been explored and deemed unsuccessful, but before you opt for sweating surgery, please keep reading....

As with all self-diagnosed treatments, even on how to stop excessive sleeping sweat at night, be aware that a visit to you family doctor before you start treating yourself is the safest and smartest course of action to take. Just to be on the safe side is the best policy, so that you don't end up trying a solution that might make your condition worse.

If you want to learn how to stop excessive sleep sweating naturally, just keep reading so that you may find where you can learn about a really very effective natural remedy!

Copyright (c) 2010 Lynsey Carter