Monday, November 21, 2011

How You Can Prevent Or Avoid Underarm Sweating by Lynsey Carter

Having underarm sweating is just a natural condition that 99.99999....% of us suffer from. As they say in the classics - You Are Not Alone - and all it takes is for your body to warm up just a small amount before you begin to perspire underarm. Do not become alarmed or excited as everyone does it, though to some degree at different levels or frequency, so all we have to do is try to regulate it and manage the condition so that we are not always sweating.

The unfortunate many who do suffer from excessive underarm sweating are the real unlucky ones, and controlling the underarm perspiration is probably the hardest thing they will do all day. With the excessive underarm sweating comes a series of problems which are not confined to just this list -

* it can cause unwanted, and sometimes unwarranted, body odor;

* it can be very embarrassing too;

* it can cause unwarranted and unsightly staining of your clothing;

* and not forgetting the stress of living with this condition.

Unfortunately, we can't rid our bodies of any underarm sweating, as it is a pre-programmed natural event that our body does to keep regulated and cool. But you can take some steps to alleviate some of the side-effects that come with excessive underarm sweating.

Some of these steps include, but are not limited to -

* air out your armpits by lying down with your arms spread out, like being in a 'cross' configuration;

* applying a good quality antiperspirant underarm deodorant, plenty of it too;

* try drying yourself off with a nice soft towel after you have your bath or shower, that way you do not activate your sweat glands with a hard towel rubbing your skin;

* and don't wear any tight clothing that make keep your body heat in, causing you to sweat more, whereas loose clothing will allow your body to 'breathe'.

Remember that sudden sweating occurs more often when your body heats up, either through exercise, stress, environmental heat, or even love making, so by being aware of these factors, you should try to limit or manage your involvement in these 'heating-up' activities.

If you prefer to try all-natural remedies for your excessive underarm sweating first, and do try as many remedies as you can, only safe ones of course, and if you find after all that nothing has worked for you, then you should take the next logical step and have a consultation with your doctor.

The doctor may have some answers for you but they could involve surgery or medication, and this may not be entirely acceptable to you or your life-choices. Sometimes these steps are approached as a last resort. But you need to be well informed when you make such a decision.

Copyright (c) 2010 Lynsey Carter