Monday, November 21, 2011

Why I Treat My Anxiety Sweating Problem by Lynsey Carter

Sweating is probably the most common offshoot of anxiety. It could include sweating armpits, sweaty palms, even body sweat running down your back. It is also one of the most moaned about effects of anxiety because it can be so obvious and so noticeable. It can be very intrusive and incredibly destructive to your life. That is why I treat my anxiety sweating problem. I am so tired of sweating a lot with the sweat staining my clothes, causing me embarrassment and humiliation, and totally affecting my life and relationships.

Your Anxiety Explained ( Briefly )

(( Anxiety is a psychological and physiological state characterized by -

* cognitive;

* somatic;

* emotional;

* and behavioral components.

These components combine to create an unpleasant feeling that is typically associated with -

* uneasiness;

* apprehension;

* fear;

* or worry.

Anxiety is a generalized mood condition that can often occur without an identifiable triggering stimulus. As such, it is distinguishable from fear, which sometimes occurs in the presence of an observed threat. Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.

Another view is that anxiety is "a future-oriented mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to cope with upcoming negative events" suggesting that it is a distinction between future vs. present some dangers that divides anxiety and fear. Anxiety is considered to be a normal reaction to stress. It may help a person to deal with a difficult situation, for example at work or at school, by prompting one to cope with it. When anxiety becomes excessive, it may fall under the classification of an anxiety disorder. )) - brought to you by Wikipedia

To some people who suffer from it, anxiety is often considered to be just a normal and healthy part of life. It certainly can get way out of control and begin to cause some serious problems in your life. These problems that you have will need to be dealt with very quickly. Anxiety is an emotion often accompanied by one, and sometimes more, physical responses such as -

* chest pain ( it may feel like your having a heart attack );

* nausea ( you may want to vomit ), and this too can lead to nausea sweating;

* heart palpitations ( you may feel like your heart is bursting out of your chest );

* and shortness of breath ( you may even begin gasping for more air ).

You will be considered as perhaps having an anxiety problem if you appear to have a recurring case of anxiety which has had an effect on your life. Some of the more common anxiety disorders are -

* any phobias ( what are you scared or afraid of? );

* obsessive-compulsive;

* post traumatic-stress;

* panic attacks;

* and social anxiety ( do you fear crowds or going out meeting people? ).

Now...How About Treating Your Anxiety Sweating

Now you know that sweating is probably the most common side effect of your anxiety, and is quite often listed as one of the most complained of all. It is obvious, noticeable, and because it can be incredibly destructive to your life.

Treating anxiety sweating is very important to you. You begin to treat your anxiety sweating is to determine the basic cause of your anxiety. To do this, you should find yourself a qualified therapist, or a 'disorder specialist' counselor, who should be able to work with you in discovering your anxiety cause and thereby the cause of your anxiety sweating.

Another treatment, perhaps a little more radical in nature though, is to try 'psychodynamic psychotherapy'. This type of treatment, or style therapy, will help people who may have a fear because of their unconscious mental conflict. You should be made to discover the conflict in you and this is the basis for the treatment to guide you to stop that fear that is causing your panic or your anxiety.

You should keep your doctor informed about what you are trying to do, make sure you discuss your anxiety problem with them so that you can determine the best method of treatment for your anxiety. Remember, help is available to assist you to deal with your anxiety and your anxiety sweating. Your little bit of sweating help.

Copyright (c) 2010 Lynsey Carter