Saturday, November 19, 2011

How You Can Stop Sweating And Start Living...Today by Lynsey Carter

Just think, you have discovered yourself in a position where you notice a lovely person whom you find charming, attractive and you then decide to ask them out on a first date. This is where you begin to stop sweating and start living, your first big step towards achieving this. You build your courage, you take the initiative and walk up to them, you introduce yourself politely to them, you reach out to shake her hand in greeting, with your warm, damp and sweaty hand.

Perhaps you're in class, or even at a meeting at work, and your tutor (or colleague) asks a pertinent question and you know that you have the answer. Oops.. now you are hesitant and anxious, too petrified to raise your hand because of that huge dark circle of sweat that is showing under your arm.

So many people are in exactly this situation, incredibly uneasy and nervous in these social situations because of their excessive sweating problems. These sweating problems can, and do, put an immense struggle on social relationships, and also in your employment situation, it can very well lead to a decline in your productivity levels, and your interaction with your colleagues. All because of your embarrassment and anxiety, or your personal fear of humiliation.

So how can you turn this situation around and stop sweating and start living, again?

If you are looking for complex answers about how you can stop sweating and start living, is has to be presumed that you have already tried different antiperspirants and you have discovered that they are basically ineffective for you. If you have yet to try a range of antiperspirants to help combat your sweating then you have probably passed on one of the simplest and easiest methods to help you control sweating.

If your problem is primarily from the excessive body odor that your sweating causes more than the sweat itself, you may find that it is better for you to try to use an antiperspirant with a 'built-in' deodorant. Odor from sweating is caused by bacteria that lives in your armpit, and these bacteria react with the sweat, then they process the sweat as nourishment through their own system, and it is their byproduct waste that causes the odor.

To help combat this odor problem, keep your armpits clean, your armpit hair trimmed or shaved as this will help to decrease the levels of activity from these bacteria. This is a simple and easy course of action that you can employ now. You may have to bathe or shower or two, or more times, a day especially in the warmer months. It really is a process of trial and error to find out if your activity is successful.

In an attempt to stop sweating and start living, some enterprising office employees claim they participate in wearing certain sports underwear, as a technique they have used to avoid the humiliating dark sweat stains that appear under their arms.

The fabric of these garments works by redirecting your sweat away from your skin, though not by redistributing it to other parts of your body, therefore avoiding the soaking and staining of their outer clothing. Some people who do wear these undergarments have reported a decrease in the amount of sweating under their armpits, also on their palms, and the soles of their feet due to their comprehensively cooler body temperature.

So it could be as simple as discovering that some of the keys to stop sweating and start living lies with what clothing and what deodorant you are wearing. At least begin by trying these two actions, and from there, should these not be as successful as you would wish, then try another simple action or activity, including bathing or showering more often during the day.

Copyright (c) 2010 Lynsey Carter