Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your Problem of Sweating While Sleeping by Lynsey Carter

Do you have the problem of sweating while sleeping? You really should understand what it is prior to finding any proper form of treatment for it. You should be quite surprised at how common sweating while sleeping actually is. Whilst the majority of these cases tend to be temporary, not like some of the other sweating problems, there is a very good chance that you may be able to get rid of the problem, if you treat it properly.

Your Sweating While Sleeping

Sweating while sleeping causes will vary, and quite often will depend, funilly-enough, on the age of the sufferer -

* if an infant, then the odds are they are sweating when sleeping simply because the temperature of the room is probably too hot;

* children who are quite young, babies and toddlers, will probably not be able to let you know when they feel uncomfortable or too hot, so you may not know they are sweating till you see it.

One very common reason for your children sweating tends to be because they are sick, they could have a fever which is causing their sweating. Please be aware that fevers in infants have the potential to be dangerous, even deadly. So, anytime your baby is sweating, either day or night, you need to make sure that you check their temperature, that is an immediate indicator so you can check if they have a fever or not.

In older children, even teenagers, they have the ability to let you know when they are too warm, and so this is not often the case for their sweating while sleeping. Sometimes, puberty will be to blame for your teen's night sweats, and this will start from about the age of twelve and may go through to the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, this is not a specific time-frame, and you will find that it does vary from child to child.

There is very little that you are able to do when this happens to your teen, but it is very comforting to know that puberty is a phase they go through and their the night sweats will eventually go away as they grow through puberty.

Although, in adults, night sweating could tend to be a timely signal of perhaps something a little more serious, a little more sinister, than what puberty sweating is. Serious conditions such as cancer for instance. Some cancers, especially cancers affecting the blood, like leukemia, can be identified by symptoms as fevers and night sweats.

Night sweats can also be a signal for women of menopause, however though, with menopause sweating, the sweating usually occurs during the day as well, and not only at night.

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from night sweats, you may want to try some simple techniques to aide you, things such as -

* keep a fan operating by the foot of your bed so that it blows cooling air over you;

* perhaps get air conditioning installed in your bedroom;

* and if neither of these methods work, go and see your doctor, get them to check you over to ensure there is nothing more seriously wrong with you.

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