Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Most Terrible Form Of Acne: Nodules And Cysts by George Hutton

Millions of people suffer from the incredibly horrible skin condition collectively known as acne every year. This condition is so widespread that if you don't suffer from embarrassing acne, then you are one of the two or three percent of Americans who luckily avoid this terrible scourge. There are several kinds of acne, and this article is about the worst kind you can get. Nodules or cysts.

Acne can vary from being a small pimple that you can take care of by popping yourself (although you should be very careful when doing this) to these nodules or cysts, which are much deeper on the skin than other form of acne and can therefore leave the deepest and most problematic scars. While getting these doesn't necessarily mean that they will scar, if you handle them incorrectly you may increase your chances, so it's best to be very careful, and see your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you have them.

Acne is formed when a sebaceous unit becomes a comedone. This little miracle device contains a hair follicle, and a couple of oil glands. This oil is necessary for keeping your skin at an optimally moisturized and waterproof. When everything is functioning as it should, then there is no issue.

The problems start when the pore, the little hole that both the hair follicle and the oil glands share, gets clogged. Then, many different things can occur. If it becomes a whitehead, it is usually pretty simple, as well as a blackhead. Most folks get these kinds of acne throughout their life, and deal with them as they come up. If they turn into cysts, then popping them by yourself is out of the question.

If the comedone becomes infected and inflamed, then it can turn into a cyst. The body naturally responds to the infection with a surge of white blood cells, and the production of more puss. Puss, usually thought to be a disgusting thing to get rid of, is actually part of your bodies defensive system. But in the case of a serious cyst, this can sometimes make the problem worse that it already is. The acne can spread not only on the surface of your skin, but down deep as well. This is what can cause scarring.

The size, the redness, and how tender it is when you touch it will tip you off that it's a cyst. If it hurts to touch, and is fairly large, chances are it has become a cyst. The best course of action in this case is to head straight your doctor. He or she will likely give you some antibiotics, as well as some hormones to slow down the production of oil. Whatever you do, don't attempt to "pop" this kind of acne as you will likely give yourself a scar that you will have the rest of your life.