Saturday, November 19, 2011

Secret Low Glycemic Load Recipes by Ron Mahon


The glycemic index measures the impact of food on the person's blood glucose level. Foods which are low in glycemic index reduces the blood sugar level and burns out the fat and also decreases the amount of calories required in our body. Now people are becoming aware about the glycemic index recipes which provide health benefits by eating low calorie foods and it prevents from the danger of high calorie food. So glycemic diet is recommended by nutritionists, health experts and doctors to all.

Glycemic index is very effective and useful technique to those people who suffer from the problem of diabetes and heart. It provides health and weight loss benefits. So the low calorie and low sugar food is suggested to diabetic patients to get the nutritious food with low carbohydrates. It is very easy to find glycemic recipes that will give tasty food as well as the balanced nutritional food with low carbohydrates and low calories. The glycemic index recipes only give low GI diet to create the perfect health combination for us. Some glycemic index recipes provide mental health as well as physical health and prevents from heart diseases. High and low glycemic index recipes avoid the problem of sugar or diabetes. Especially low GI recipes avoid the problem of sugar crash and hunger.

Glycemic index recipes:

Glycemic index recipes allow people not to compromise with the taste. Mainly the glycemic index is a matrix which measures the impact of food upon the blood glucose level. It ranges from 0 to 100. It is totally based upon the foods which are having high carbohydrates level above the number 69 which increase the blood glucose. So these foods should be avoided. Foods which ranks lower than 55 are required for our body which facilitates the constant or steady blood sugar level. Low GI diet helps us to lose weight and to maintain high energy level throughout the day.

Some examples of glycemic index recipes are:

" Tuna Steak with Apricot Compote:

It not only provides mental health but also keeps the mind very focused. It consists of good ingredients in preparing low GI foods. This recipe is very tasty and low in glycemic index.

" Lentil cakes with Roasted Mushroom:

It is a low glycemic index recipe for vegetarians which contains proteins. Proteins are a valuable aspect of our health.

Foods which are high in glycemic index such as bread, sauces, ice cream, cakes, desserts, quiche, and cheesecake can be easily made low GI by using some healthy ingredients described on glycemic index scale. So these foods act as a low glycemic diet food. The glycemic diet acts as a traffic light in which the red light means stop or do not eat that particular high GI food. Yellow light means eat food with the moderations and green light means go and eat that type of food which is good for physical as well as mental health.

Low GI food is a healthy way to eat:

" Glycemic index recipes help us to avoid many health problems which are increasing day by day on epidemic scale such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.

" It also helps in weight loss by keeping the blood sugar level constant.

" Glycemic recipes are considers as low glycemic diets which acts as medium between low carb diets and low fat diets. Both the diet works on the basis of controlling blood sugar level and insulin level.

" Low GI diet depends on the absorption of carbohydrate through our body. Everyone has their own power of tolerance which may be low or high. When it is low then chooses the low glycemic food and low carb diets.

" Low carb diets contain very easy recipes which are grouped together in several groups such as: Biscuits and cakes, Breads and cakes, Desserts and ice-cream, Sauces and sweets etc.

" Low GI diet food encourages the absorption of high nutrient food and it reduces the reliability of a person on junk food. The acceptance to have low diet food may be low in the beginning but the results can be seen that how much weight you have lost after having glycemic index recipes.