Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Intense Massage Therapy Techniques by Chris Lontok

Massage clinics in Largo, Belleair, and Indian Rocks Beach have taken a cue from Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and have been promoting the benefits of massage, in all its forms. Many massage techniques are now available for all sorts of physical needs and conditions.

For instance, aromatherapy the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants or trees, when paired with a specific massage technique, can heal certain types if skin problem, respiratory problems like cough, sinusitis, and colds; muscular pain like arthritis, rheumatism, and headaches; and stress-related conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and depression. According to a spa in area 33771, essential oils are usually administered through massage, baths, compresses, or inhalation; and when used in massage or bathing, essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

The Swedish massage—a popular massage technique, according to a Largo clinic, is one of the most commonly requested treatment among newbies and regulars. It comprises of the most basic of massage strokes. It is designed to relieve muscles of tension and stress in order to achieve full relaxation.

Another special type of massage is the pregnancy massage. A well known massage spa in Largo has been promoting the pregnancy massage for quite some time now, and its positive effects have been consistent. A pregnancy massage is a technique, specially designed to relieve the common symptoms of pregnancy like back pain, leg cramps, migraine, nausea, anxiety, and even mood swings. This technique requires the use of a special table to accommodate the growing belly of the mother so she can comfortably lie face down. While some might feel uneasy lying on their stomach, therapists can give the option of giving the massage with the patient lying on her side. The therapist would then work on one side of her body first, then, the other, avoiding trigger points on the hands and feet, which some say can induce premature labor. A therapist would need to have additional training before giving a pregnancy massage.

A primary benefit of having a deep tissue massage is ease of body movement and increased energy flow. Pain relief, freedom of joint movement, and improved emotional balance are also its other effects. This is deal for people experiencing chronic and persistent pain, as well as certain posture problems. While some may find a deep tissue massage uncomfortable since it uses heavy, long, and slow strokes, it is but a natural effect of the treatment. The soreness and slight pain after a deep tissue massage should subside after a day or two of the treatment. In addition, people undergoing physical therapy can benefit from it.

Sports medicine has long been conducting studies on the possible benefits of a sports massage for athletes or physically active individuals. Sports massage uses fast strokes and medium to heavy pressure. It is usually given 10 to 15 minutes before a game so it can stretch and warm up the muscles for greater mobility and flexibility. Chiropractors and massage therapies are qualified to give this massage, says a Largo massage therapist. Also, according to one Belleair spa, sports massage has been observed to lessen the incidence of sports-related injuries among athletes.