Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smart Lipo as a Weight Loss Option by Chris Lontok

Small physical manifestations like wrinkles and weight gain are but normal as we get older. We cannot completely reverse the aging process but there are available options we can choose from for certain anti-aging and weight loss treatments. Tampa is resident to many legitimate and trustworthy cosmetic surgeons. It’s just a matter of choosing which clinic suits your needs and budget.

There are surgical and non-surgical means for weight loss that are readily available in Tampa. Non-surgical weight loss treatments include body contouring, fat-burning creams and lotions, diet pills, special diets, and so many more. Some of these may work for you but the guarantee isn’t always 100%. Of course, nothing can ever beat the natural way of losing weight like exercising, but for conditions that are beyond your control like diabetes, cardio vascular problems due to high cholesterol, more immediate and evasive measures have to be taken.

Liposuction is only one of the common options for people who are highly obese, or for those who want quick weight loss results. One particular type of liposuction—Smart Lipo, is one surgical weight loss procedure that has been garnering much positive attention around Tampa.

Smart Lipo is unlike traditional liposuction procedures. Smart Lipo is actually a laser-assisted procedure where excess body fats are softened and melted by laser technology to make the process of fat-suction easier and less painful. The Smart lipo procedure calls for the use of a calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the person's skin. As the laser liquefy the fat cells, it also closes blood vessels so there is less swelling, bruising and bleeding as compared to conventional liposuction. The reduced down time is probably one of the main reasons why this weight loss treatment is popular among clients in Tampa.

Dr. Mercedes @ West Chase provides Smart Lipo services along with other weight loss and anti-aging treatments. They serve the residents of around Tampa.