Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Massage Therapy History and Techniques by Chris Lontok

Massage therapy has been part of medicine for hundreds of years. Its original roots have not yet been identified but theories have revolved around Greek, Latin, and Arabic civilization. The word “massage” may have come from Latin word, “massa” which means to touch, handle, or squeeze. Wherever it may have come from, it undeniably has numerous benefits. People living in Bradenton, Sarasota, and the rest of the US have widely accepted the medicinal benefits of massage, which is why massage spas in these Florida areas offer numerous massage styles and techniques to suit the needs of their clients.

Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of massage therapy for treating patients with mild or severe ailments. Sarasota and Bradenton,FL massage spas have long adapted the idea of using massage therapy as a supplemental treatment for illness, and an alternative to drugs.

Sarasota, FL clinics who use therapeutic massage techniques allow their clients to choose from different kinds of massage, depending on their physical state. The beauty of massage therapy today is that it has become more specifically designed for different kinds of people. According to one massage spa in Sarasota, FL, “massage therapy works with a foundation of different strokes and oils that suits the needs of different people, depending on what they do or what state of health they are in.”

There are now more than 20 different kinds of massage techniques applied to patients though not all of these are offered by spas in Sarasota. The basic techniques provided by most Sarasota, FL spas are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and hot stone massage.

Swedish massage is the most popular technique requested by clients of Sarasota, FL spas. It uses long, slow strokes on the back, limbs, and head to relieve stress and muscle tension. A deep tissue massage is a technique used for injured patients, and sometimes, athletes. The strokes used for a deep tissue massage treatment is a bit similar to a Swedish massage except that it used greater pressure and faster strokes. You should only get this massage from a legitimate and professional massage therapist. Sarasota clinics often receive complaints of soreness after a deep tissue massage, but this is actually a normal after affect, so there's no need to worry.

A pregnancy massage is a new technique that's gaining popularity among residents of Sarasota and all over the country. A pregnancy massage targets the specific parts of women that experience the most stress, like their spine and lower back, hips, legs and feet, and head. Studies have shown that women who underwent the pregnancy massage treatment during the early stages of pregnancy had easier births and less negative symptoms.

A sports massage, as the name implies, is ideal for athletes or physically active individuals. Sarasota spas sometimes partner with sports teams so they could give regular sports massage treatments to the athletes before they get in a game or before training.

Reflexology, on the other hand, gives greater focus on special pressure points on the feet that are believed to have direct connection to vital organs. Reflexology is an ideal treatment for patients who want to balance their body's energies and improve internal organ performance. This is also quite popular among Sarasota, FL residents.