Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Safe and Effective Weight Loss and Anti Aging Treatments from Dr. Mercedes by Chris Lontok

Plastic Surgery, deals with the remodeling of any portion of the human body that has been damaged or deformed. This includes procedures on parts of the body that have undergone the natural wear and tear of aging—weight loss and anti-aging treatments. Cosmetic Surgery clinics in Tampa can provide the latest weight loss and anti aging treatments for interested people.

Weight loss treatments can be done surgically or non-surgically. Non-surgical weight loss treatments include special diets, body contouring and firming, use of fat-burning topical creams, behavior modification methods, and drug therapy. Special diets covers a wide range of nutritional factors such as low calorie, low sodium, to zero gluten programs. Body contouring treatments use special frequencies and laser technology to eliminate appearance of cellulite and reduce body size. Creams as weight loss treatments have not yet been proven to really effectively and consistently work, but they still have a market in the US. Behavior modification focuses more on the psychological perspective of weight loss. Since weight gain has a relation with one’s habits and behavior, programs that aim to modify lifestyle have been explored by nutritionist and psychiatrists to help patients with weight loss. Drug therapy may be effective for some but diet pills have an addictive property, which is why it is rarely recommended to patients.

Liposuction is probably the most popular surgical weight loss treatment around Tampa and all over the US. Liposuction is a surgical process that aims to extract excess fat from various parts of the body like the stomach, back, thighs, and arms. This weight loss technology has now evolved to target more specific areas of the body. Smart Lipo, in particular, is a modern weight loss treatment that reduces the usual side effects of traditional liposuction surgery.

Smart Lipo is unlike traditional liposuction procedures. Smart Lipo is actually a laser-assisted procedure where excess body fats are softened and melted by laser technology to make the process of fat-suction easier and less painful. The Smart lipo procedure calls for the use of a calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the person's skin. As the laser liquefy the fat cells, it also closes blood vessels so there is less swelling, bruising and bleeding as compared to conventional liposuction. The reduced down time is probably one of the main reasons why this weight loss treatment is popular among clients in Tampa.

Dr. Mercedes @ West Chase provides Smart Lipo services along with other weight loss and anti-aging treatments. Some their anti-aging treatment options include hormone replacement therapy, special anti-aging facials, Botox, Microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and oxygen treatments. All their procedures are FDA-approved and have satisfied hundreds of patients. These procedures are non-surgical by nature and are certified safe and effective. Cost usually varies in degree of condition and number of sessions.

Make sure you avail the help of a certified cosmetic surgeon in Tampa for weight loss and anti-aging procedures.