Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 Major Mistakes About Healthy Weight Loss by John Anthony Vine

How to Think Right about Healthy Weight Loss

Because there are so many people and so much money involved in the health and weight loss sector, much of the information is plain wrong.

Some of the well-known myths, such as the existence of 'fat burning foods' are useless, but fairly harmless. Others can make any chance of healthy weight loss close to impossible.

The first major mistake is to forget, or be unaware of, the value and power of your own thoughts.

Now please do not think I am simply going to go on about 'the power of positive thinking' and 'think yourself slim'.

These ideas may well prove useful to some people, but are often quoted with no real ideas about how they can work in real life.

Your thoughts are important when they point the way to your own true beliefs.

For example, imagine you decide that you really want to lose 40 pounds; you are sure it will make a big difference to how you look and feel - it would certainly make you happier.

The diet and exercise plan makes sense to you, so you make a really determined and positive start.

The first few pounds fall off; some clothes are not so tight. Soon some even start to hang loose; oh my goodness! I will need new clothes; in fact, when I am 40 pounds lighter, I will probably need a whole new wardrobe!

Do you have the courage and confidence to buy those new clothes now?

If yes, then you have your thoughts and beliefs 'on-side' and will almost certainly succeed with your weight loss goal.

If not, then why not? Whatever you are telling yourself (and others) about reducing your weight, you probably do not believe deep down inside.

What you believe, deep down inside, will continue to control your actions; this is just as true about weight loss as about any other aspect of your life.

Another common major mistake is to believe (back to beliefs again) that you can lose weight by simply eating low-fat versions of your favourite foods.

If only life were as simple as some food suppliers would like us to believe! The human body is so much more complicated; it is not only the fat in food which is converted and stored as fat in the body. In some cases, low fat foods can help increase your weight, depending on other aspects of your diet and exercise plan.

The third major mistake is to think that you can target your weight loss to one part of your body. This is generally not possible, using even the best healthy weight loss programs.

When your body burns fat, it does so pretty much equally all over.

Mother nature is so unfair to some people, the fat being stored where it is least wanted.

A good way to combat this might be with a special set of body toning exercises; combine this with healthy weight loss and get the shape you want.

Once your thoughts and deeply held beliefs are on your side, it is wise to avoid as many of the traps and mistakes out there as possible.

For most of us, diet and exercise aspects of our lifestyle need constant attention, so try to keep learning all you can about what is likely to be best for you.

There are so many ideas and programs around that it can seem to be a good idea to be always trying something new.

Whatever you try, make sure to give it enough time to work properly for you.

Try to do at least enough to allow you to feel good about yourself.

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