Thursday, December 1, 2011

8 Ideas to Guarantee Healthy Weight Loss for Ladies by John Anthony Vine

Use some really simple ideas to get you started

The real difficulty about weight loss - just like many other challenges in life - is that success is really simple.

So the problem to solve is: how do we take something which is so simple, but definitely not easy, and turn it into a process which almost anyone can do and succeed at?

The simplicity becomes obvious, when the first idea is reduced almost to the absurd. The wisest of men was asked 'Master, how can I lose weight'?

The four word answer? Move more, eat less.

It really could not be simpler could it? BUT, move how much more and eat how much less?

Those answers would take a great deal more than this simple article to answer completely, but some further ideas follow.

The second idea is just as simple: Think - really think - about what you eat. Think about it before you eat it (perhaps even the day before!) Think about it while you are eating; this is where idea number three appears: when eating, chew each and every mouthful at least 20, but preferably 30 times.

This is simple science, as the extra time spent chewing starts the digestion process sooner and so makes it work better.

Think also when you have finished eating, about whether that meal was good (by good I mean properly nutritious) in terms of quality and quantity - did you insist on being full and eat too much?

All good nutrition requires enough water, to make sure the body functions properly. There are many ideas about how much water is enough; this is something else to really think about. It is unlikely that one amount - such as 8 glasses per day - is correct for everyone, but more important is drinking water regularly throughout the day.

My fifth idea requires that you forget about '3 square meals a day' and instead, try to eat smaller amounts, perhaps 4 or 5 or even 6 times per day. This should mean that you do not get quite so hungry, so do not feel that need to 'fill up'.

Eat some fresh fruit, such as an apple, plus a drink of water, half an hour before a meal. This could easily mean that you need a smaller portion than usual. It is also well accepted that it would probably be very difficult to eat too much fresh fruit.

Try to never hurry your meals; this relates back to thinking about what you are going to eat and when. When you eat quickly, it is hard for your system to tell you in time when you have eaten enough.

The value of a really healthy breakfast is hard to over state; the main rule is leave out the fat and stodge. Try to eat as soon as is sensible, after any early exercise you take.

Most of us need to work at this on an ongoing basis - there are simply too many ways available to allow straying.

Finding the right system or program to follow can many times make the 'simple' into easy.

Do make sure to think about your healthy intentions, but do not stop at thinking. Put some ideas into practice and enjoy the results.

Is it now time to make some changes and do what you have been meaning to do?

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