Thursday, December 1, 2011

Selling Medical Products by Silas Reed

Medical products sales representative job is quite a competitive and interesting job. Those you like to meet people and travel may find this job to their likings. If you thought that you will have to be surrounded with medicines 24x7 (that appears to be claustrophobic!) – You’re a little off-track. You need to know the medical product well which you’re selling. Remember that if you sell to the doctors – you might have to read a bit more because a doctor knows all the combination of various chemicals!

The best position of this job type is selling products for health care. This is because, more people are becoming health conscious by the day and they want to know the best medical products available that will keep them in good shape. Selling health care products is a lucrative job and that may catapult you into the ‘upper’ league!

Job Description

• Energetic and Dynamic: You need energetic as you never might have been – this job requires that best people who can be cheerful and jumping all through the day. You need not care about the weather or politics – all you need to do is do your job! And while you’re on duty, you can’t afford to be pertinent or irritated.

• Travel: There are two aspects of this – one, you get to travel and roam a lot. Two, you do not get to travel to picturesque locations (unless of course, if you work in Switzerland!). As mentioned already, you need to be always charged up and running around and that too with a mission.

• Eagerness to Learn and Expertise: It will not be surprising if you were told that this job requires a lot of learning. You need to learn about the medicine, its mode of action, side effects and even have an idea about its dosage. But do not blindly make suggestions on the dosage because that may cause harm to the individual.

Expertise is another aspect. It means you will need to have total control over your skills and product knowledge. You’ll have to know your and your competition’s products like no other.

• Training: The job is very extensive and involves knowledge of a lot of products and chemicals. Therefore suitable training is provided to employees, so that they can go ahead and sell, without actually being a doctor.

There are great incentives and high profit margins, especially for pharmaceutical products. We all know that how harmful has this habit of popping a pill become, but you need to convince the people to pop in those pills! A great paradox of a job and resources. If you can sell well, you have an attractive pay package waiting for you which may exceed $100,000!