Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pharmaceutical Sales: California Job Opportunities by Silas Reed

California is the third largest state of US. Covering a total area of 163,707 square miles, this state houses a total population of 36, 961, 664 people. California is landlocked on all three sides except to its west where there is the Pacific Ocean. To its South, this state shares an international border with the Latin American country of Mexico. While to its north it has the US state of Oregon, to its east it has Nevada and Arizona. The sex ratio in this state like most other states of US is good. With half a population comprising of females, there is but plenty of opportunities for pharmaceutical sales employment in California.

A job in pharmaceutical sales in California is easy to bag once you know where to look for. Don’t be disheartened, if in spite of possessing the required talents you have not been able to land yourself a job, for we are going to give you exclusive information about jobs in pharmaceutical sales in California. If you are a resident of this place and are on the lookout for a chance to work with well reputed companies in the California pharmaceutical sales department, then do not forget to check out these places:

1.Warner Chilcott is offering a job from Redding for the post of pharmaceutical sales representative. The recruit will have to effectively market a birth control pill extremely rich in iron content named Loestrin®. If you are interested to work with a company that has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry do not give this opportunity a miss. This company has been dedicatedly working for many years, with a more recent shift in focus towards women healthcare. This company like all other good company requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in sales marketing from an accredited university and a working experience with a certified successful track record.

2.ASN Healthcare is offering a job from San Francisco for anyone interested to work with this company in the post of pharmaceutical sales representative. It is in fact a job that will pay you as much as 90k a year and will give you a chance to earn bonus perks provided you can reach high sales marks. This company does not demand work experience but definitely needs you to have a four year degree in business development and marketing sales. If this was not enough, let me add the cherry on top- ASN Healthcare offers you the chance to earn as much as 30k a year as part of commission on the sales that you have made. So if this offer interests you send in the application letter right away.

3.This is a Visalia based job for the post of Outside Medical Sales Representative offered by a company named Pacific Pulmonary Services. It promises to be a highly remunerative job and it is in essence a patient care coordinator type job, whereby the recruit will have to report to the district manager.

Do try these sources out and get yourself a pharmaceutical sales job in California!