Monday, January 30, 2012

Holistic Skin Care: Tips On How To Make It Easier Than You Ever Dreamt Possible by Andy Guides Jr

While skin care is a body wide process, the most important part of your body to protect is your face. Your face is how you present your image to the world. Taking care of it is as important to your health as jogging or proper diet. Make sure to remember these basic facts.

Caring for your skin is as important as any other health care regimen you observe. How you care for it depends on the type you have and other factors in your lifestyle. Here are some of the basic types and how to know which one is you. If oily, you will have large pores and a shiny or oily appearance. You may be prone to acne and blemishes or discoloration. You need to wash your face a little more often and moisturize less.

Dry skin will flake and/or be ashy. It will often feel stretched and tight, especially after washing your face. It is important to pat your body dry rather than wiping dry with a towel. This will help it retain the moisture it needs. Take baths instead of showers and follow up that bath with a rinse from the shower to wash away any dirt from the bath water.

Consider yourself lucky if you have normal skin. You are among the majority but you still have to work to maintain your healthy glow and appearance. Wash, scrub, moistures and sunscreen are still necessary to look your very best all of the time.

Combination oily dry skin will be shiny, oily on the forehead and around the cheekbones, dry around the jaw line, and possibly leathery in places. You can treat these different areas of your face successfully with a little extra care and patience.

Sensitive skin will needs lots of love and a firm regimen of care. It easily flushes and you have fine, delicate pores with the possibility of broken capillaries and areas of rash. A sunscreen should be applied diligently: you cannot be lax when caring for sensitive skin.

The four steps to healthy skin are cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and most importantly, sunscreen. While each of these steps is important, I cannot stress enough the importance of sunscreen for protection. You can find moisturizers that have sunscreen in it. Wear it day and night and keep your beautiful face beautiful.