Monday, January 30, 2012

Juvederm Training: Elite AMBT Provides Comprehensive Dermal Fillers Training by Timmy Vic

Dermal fillers training from Elite Aesthetic, Medical and Business Training (AMBT) lets you give your patients the best possible care. Our instructors are able to educate you on the latest developments in the field of injection therapy by providing the theoretical and practical lessons your staff requires to implement treatments that make use of juvederm and much more.

We’ve created an introduction to juvederm and our juvederm training course for you to look through. Read on to learn more about how Elite AMBT can help you with exceptional dermal fillers training.

What is Juvederm Training?

Juvederm training is essential for cosmetic medical practices. Juvederm is one of the most recent injectable fillers or dermal fillers to come to the market and it has gained popularity with many plastic surgeons, dermatologists and patients due to its ability to reduce wrinkles and soften deep folds in the face.

Juvederm is most often used to reduce “smile lines” on a patient’s face or as a lip augmentation tool. It enjoys success among dermal fillers as its chemical nature allows the agent to provide longer lasting results than many other types of filler. Juvederm has also been found to stop the breakdown of existing collagen and is even capable of creating new collagen.

What Type of Juvederm Training and Injection Training Does Elite AMBT Provide?

Elite AMBT provides every one of its dermal fillers seminar participants with complete juvederm training that is designed to get them ready to implement the drug at their practice upon course completion. Our approach to juvederm training combines theory and hands-on training to create great results. Elite AMBT knows that just learning the background of injection therapy is not enough to give our students confidence.

We begin each juvederm training course by instructing participants in the facts they need to know about the drug then, upon covering its background, pharmacology and more, Elite AMBT gives you access to practical training. Using live models, you’re able to try out new techniques and gain the skills necessary for implementing new dermal fillers treatments at your practice immediately upon completing the course.

Why Choose Elite AMBT for Dermal Fillers Training?

We’re able to offer you the leading choice in dermal fillers training due to a high level of experience in our industry and more. Elite AMBT boasts a team of instructors that are well-versed in cosmetic medicine and business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff teaches through a curriculum that is always up to date. Since the field of cosmetic medicine is always changing, we make use of the Elite Medical Advisory Board in order to ensure that our courses are always up to date with the newest, most relevant information available.

Visit Elite AMBT online to learn more about our dermal fillers training options or to book a spot in a seminar near your home. At Elite AMBT, we guarantee exceptional results and a level of instruction that is completely unparalleled in our industry. Experience the difference that comes with Elite AMBT today.

For more information on Elite AMBT and our juvederm training courses, visit EliteAMBT.