Monday, January 30, 2012

Use Super Sea Veg To End Your Addiction To Food by Timmy Vic

I'd like you to be honest for a moment. Are you addicted to food? Think about it… and take a few seconds if necessary. Many, many kids and adults are.

I'm not only talking about "bad" food, those foods that you buy from windows at drive-thrus, either. I'm talking about all foods.

In other words, I'm asking…

Are you using food to:

• Make yourself feel better?

• "Stuff" your emotions?

• Satisfy your desires?

• Hurt yourself?

• Keep yourself alone?

• Give yourself a purpose?

If so, you have an addiction to food. And it's time for you to start taking Super Sea Veg to help you begin to deal with your problem, because it's not going to go away on its own.

Super Sea Veg is nothing short of a miracle dietary food supplement that enables your body to begin to see food for what it is – a source of energy. It regulates your internal systems and slows down cravings thanks to its proprietary blend of 12 edible sea plants. And that leads to many positive changes over time, including a reduction in your negative cravings for food. Often we crave foods because we need more nutrition, and these western foods are missing many nutrients so we are hungry with full stomachs!

Now, I don't want you to stop eating or enjoying food. Far from it! I want you to start loving food again for what it is – a fuel that can help you achieve a lifetime of health and wellness. Order 90 days of Super Sea Veg and you'll start on a journey to breaking your addiction with what you eat.