Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Lose Weight - Let Go of FEAR by Valery Satterwhite

Have you ever seen cats playing? Have you noticed that when playing turns into fighting a cat will "puff up" when threatened? My two bundles of fur decided to have a major cat fight in my office. As I watched them I had one of those A-HA! moments. I suddenly realized that like cats, some people make themselves bigger, gain weight, when they feel vulnerable, threatened or consumed with anger. No matter how many diets, boot camps, exercise regimens, or sweat spas they try, the unwanted pounds remain. Like an armored shield excess poundage protects the vulnerable from threatening painful circumstances. It is too scary to shed those pounds!

The truth is, you don't do anything unless you get something out of it. You don't stay heavy unless carrying the excess weight gives you something in return. Do you know anyone who hides behind their weight to avoid dating or other social activities? If you don't have any love or friendship relationships you can't be rejected. If you don't lose weight you won't have to go out and buy new clothes. There are any number of hidden benefits of keeping the weight on.

The biggest one is you get to stay right where you are, in your current comfort zone. So, you hold yourself back by making sure you don't lose weight, or keep it off once you shed the extra poundage. At first you wear the fat suit like a costume to hide your real exposed self. Soon you forget the weight is robe to cover you up, protect you from any potential emotional storm - a perfect storm where self-esteem, desire, and fear collide. You -- the real you -- gets swept away with the torrential wind.

The good news is you are not your body. You are you. You are worthy, intuitive, zealous, authentic, responsible for your outcomes and decisive - when you are tapped into who you really are and what you really want to experience in your life, career and relationships. Push the mute button in your head, on the thoughts that keep you clinging to your weight. Reach for a new perspective by having a conversation with your heart. Rediscover that part of you that loves you unconditionally and knows that you will always be safe. This part of you has the confident courage to let go of what drags you down, holds you back, from achieving your most profound desires.

When you tap into your truth, the weight will begin to melt away. You will no longer be stuck frozen under the layers upon layers of protective tissue. Step out of your hiding place and share your magnificent self with the rest of the world. This is what you are here on this earth to do. Unwrap the gift of you to shine light upon yourself as you shine your light upon others. It is time to come out of the dark heavy cave of misguided cover. There isn't a diet in the world that can make you let go of your inauthentic costume. That freedom comes from within. Begin today. Look in the mirror and see, really see, the extraordinarily beautiful person you are.