Monday, January 23, 2012

What Is a Periodontist? by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

A periodontist is a dental specialist with specific training in gum treatment. If you have any kind of gum issue – periodontitis, long or short gums, missing teeth – an Austin periodontist can address it.

How a Dentist Becomes a Periodontist

A periodontist is required to fulfill the same training a dentist must complete, plus a few years of additional gum-specific studies. First, they get a Bachelor’s degree in a related field (such as anatomy or biology). Then, they study for 4 more years in dental school, leaving with a degree for Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM). Three more years follow as the dentists study periodontics, learning and practicing how to prevent, diagnose and treat gum-related oral conditions.

How to Choose a Periodontist

If your teeth require periodontal treatment, your dentist often refers you to a periodontist. However, if you’d simply like a second opinion on a periodontal issue, you can make an appointment with a periodontist’s office yourself. If you’re looking for a qualified Austin periodontist, call Dr. Mike Williamson for a free consultation.

What Services a Periodontist Offers

A periodontist essentially provides cutting-edge treatments for most gum issues. Here are a few of the treatments a periodontist can offer:

Crown Lengthening. To treat overgrown gums.

Gingival Grafting. To cover exposed tooth roots.

Dental Implants. To replace a missing tooth.

Gum Disease Treatment. From a simple scaling and root planing to a more extensive gum surgery.

How a Periodontist Addresses Gum Disease

If the gum disease is in its early stages, they’ll conduct a scaling and root planing to thoroughly clean the area and diminish the possibility of the disease’s return. If it’s progressed further, it may require gum surgery. In more extreme circumstances, gum disease may result in bone loss and receding gums. Bone grafting and crown lengthening address these issues.

To get a second opinion, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Williamson today. Dr. Williamson can offer any of the above dental work, in addition to many other gum-related procedures addressing a variety of oral health concerns.