Monday, January 23, 2012

Modern Dentists Can Perform Miracles In Your Mouth by Nick Messe

Today's modern dentist is able to offer a greater amount of personalized care than ever before, and you will discover that your visits are both stress-free and comfortable. This is especially true in a small office where one dentist is the sole provider and gets to know their patients very well.

Such a professional also uses the latest techniques in every phase of dentistry, including intra-oral cameras, digital x-rays, laser cavity detection, and preventive, implant, and cosmetic dentistry. There are many services that modern dentists have to offer.

White fillings are composite resins that enable your dentist to match the shade and color of your tooth. In addition, they are bonded to your teeth and virtually undetectable. Your dentist can provide porcelain crowns if your teeth have become broken, decayed, worn, or cracked.

Digital x-rays called radiographs enable your dentist to produce detailed images that can be studied at once. The clarity of these images has been greatly enhanced, exposure to radiation is much less than compared to older methods, and the films are produced without using any toxic chemicals.

Because of the advancements that have been made, implants are often used to replace one or more missing teeth. A titanium screw provides a new root that your dentist will use for attaching new teeth without affecting those adjacent to it in any way.

Dental implants are often the best solution in regard to replacing several missing teeth as well. An all-ceramic dental bridge or crown, attached to a dental implant that replaces the root of the missing tooth, will provide the answer to your problem.

Intra-oral photography is one of the newest techniques. Using a special camera, your dentist can photograph your teeth with high magnification for both of you to review. The images often indicate problems that normally would not be visible, and they can then be treated before they become more serious.

Porcelain veneers can provide patients who have front teeth that are discolored, stained, slightly crooked, or unevenly spaced with an attractive, brand-new smile. Then, to put the icing on the cake, there are whitening methods that use today's advanced chemical technology to achieve the desired degree of whiteness. No laser or light is required, the procedure takes about an hour, and the results are truly impressive.

Tooth decay and gum disease are two serious enemies that can undermine your dental health. They are caused by the bacteria found in the mouth and the harmful products they produce. To combat these, you need to make use of two complementary weapons, taking proper care of your teeth on a daily basis and scheduling regular visits to your dentist.