Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Perfect Your Smile with Preprosthetic Periodontal Therapy by Meredi Wagner-Hoehn

Studying for tomorrow’s trigonometry exam or practicing a speech for an upcoming sales conference undoubtedly seems arduous during the preparation phase, but more often than not, the hard work and stick-to-it-ness pay off. The same applies to the world of dentistry. In order to enhance the final result of dental work, periodontal therapy is frequently utilized. Much like preparing for that all-important test or career-making presentation, preprosthetic periodontal measures benefit you in the end. This time, your smile and overall oral health garner the good fortune.

Preprosthetic crown lengthening is a common option used to enhance the appearance of your teeth before the orthodontic process is finalized. This aspect is generally implemented if you’re undertaking crown or veneer treatment. If certain teeth are shortened due to wear and tear or the inability to fully grow and erupt, your gum line will be adjusted to promote more of your radiant grin. The teeth associated with crown lengthening are then restored properly, adding more aesthetics to your upgraded smile.

Of course, every coin has two sides. Preprosthetic gingival grafting services teeth which appear too long. Gum recession sometimes exposes the root of teeth, introducing them to infection, decay and sensitivity. Because protection of roots is of vital importance to a healthy oral cavity, this procedure proves beneficial for many reasons. Your Austin periodontist will discuss this option with you before performing any restorative measures.

If a tooth is missing in action or extracted for any number of concerns, preprosthetic ridge augmentation could be a good out for you. This treatment involves the production and placement of an artificial tooth to fill the void left by the lost tooth. If not addressed, the opening usually causes the gum and bone in that region to collapse. Further along, a concavity in the jawbone cultivates, only contradicting your cleaning efforts and relaying an unattractive appearance. A ridge augmentation works by restoring the natural contours of your gum line, improving maintenance routines and upgrading your smile’s brilliance.

A more harmless oral character, exostoses are benign masses of excess bone which jet out near your teeth or from the roof of your mouth. These hardened growths are often noticed under your tongue, and may need to be removed by your local periodontist to ward off periodontal (gum) disease. Also, the inclusion of dentures may call for their removal. No matter what the reason, the less exostoses in your mouth, the more appealing your mouth appears.

Dr. Williamson of Austin, TX is an experienced periodontist and offers each of the above treatments to his patients. His Austin periodontal office offers a bevy of helpful information, so contact his team today to discuss your periodontal options.