Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super Sea Veg Emerges As The Perfect Vegan Health Alternative To Big Pharma by Timmy Vic

Vegan health often depends upon expensive multivitamin supplements. This is only natural, considering the fact that vegan diets exclude animal products, which, while thought by some to be ethically compromised, do at least provide many important nutrients. What many people who take multivitamins don’t realize is that not all brands are equivalent. Only Super Sea Veg offers complete multivitamin nutrition without artificial additives, or inflated profit margins.

Recent reports from the US pharmaceutical industry show that revenues, for pharmaceutical makers, were in excess of $300 billion in 2009. That was a marked increase over total revenues from 2008—this in spite of a worsening global recession that is still causing massive bleeding in almost every other economic sector. Drugs are big, big business, and people are willing to pay for them even when they are unable to pay for anything else.

When you buy an over-the-counter multivitamin from your local drug store, you are helping to line the pockets of these very same major pharmaceutical companies. Your vegan health supplements are essentially subsidizing the same industry that produces billions of dollars worth of artificial remedies each year. As laudable as seeking vegan health through vitamin supplements may be, it’s important to be conscious of where your money is going.

Super Sea Veg is a small provider of all-natural seaweed-based supplements, ideal for promoting vegan health. With its proprietary FarmaSea blend of twelve different kinds of seaweed from clean ocean waters around the world, Super Sea Veg contains absolutely nothing aside from the healthy, nutrient-rich sea vegetables you need in order to attain an ideal state of vegan health.

Seaweed is one of the best substances in the world for promoting vegan health. Aside from being entirely free of animal products of any kind, it’s also completely derived from nature, and loaded with hundreds of crucial phytonutrients, needed by the body to support proper function. All of these nutrients are present in their natural states and quantities, meaning they are fully absorbable by the body, and guaranteed to produce any unwanted effects. Artificial multivitamins, by contrast, often contain lab-produced versions of nutrients, which, in many cases, are not chemically identical to their natural counterparts.

Another thing that makes Super Sea Veg ideal for vegan health is its total lack of filler of any kind. Super Sea Veg contains nothing but seaweed, whereas most multivitamins are composed primarily of inert powders, designed to give shape and heft to every pill.

When you take Super Sea Veg, you’re doing the right thing for your body, for your vegan health, and for the world. It’s not a vitamin; it’s the UNvitamin.