Tuesday, January 17, 2012

US Healthcare Market to Shine in Coming Years by RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our study reveals that the United States is the world’s largest healthcare market. Several factors have boosted the market growth, which include high usage of patented drugs, high spending on hospital care, high administrative costs, use of latest technology in healthcare, and unregulated spending by insurance reimbursements. According to our new research report “US Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2012”, the US healthcare spending is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 4% during 2007-2012. The government’s policy aiming ‘healthcare for all’ will create new opportunities for market players to grow and gain maximum profit out of it.

We believe that the market holds a great potential with several segments still remaining untapped, indicating towards immense opportunities for the industry players to expand their operations. Our report foresees that, with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases (such as diabetes and cancer) and proposed changes in the reimbursement process, the country will witness strong demand for hospitals and hospital beds during the next few years. Going ahead, the medical device market will be driven by technological advancements and changing regulation of reimbursements.

We have also found that in the pharmaceutical market, generics will register a robust growth rate during the next few years, on the back of government’s efforts aimed at reducing healthcare spending in the country. Our report provides a detail analysis on all segments of healthcare industry with their future outlook till 2012. The report has conducted an analysis on the regulatory environment of pharmaceutical and medical device markets. It also provides information on key players of all the segments.

Our study shows that the demographics conditions strongly support current growth in the US healthcare market. Ageing population is growing at a high rate and can be considered as one of the main factors responsible for the growth of the healthcare market. Life expectancy has been continuously rising for the last few years, showing that healthcare conditions have improved in the country. Our report has analyzed other factors also that are making the market attractive.

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