Monday, February 13, 2012

5 Tips For Skinny Guys to Gain Muscle Fast by James Druman

I was always looking for ways to build muscle fast. This article hits close to home for me, I was a skinny guy who always wanted to get ripped, but never was able to. Until I learned a couple key lessons that I want to share with you today.

In today's day and age, there is so much focus on losing weight and burning fat that often there is nowhere to turn for the skinny guy who wants to gain muscle. Then the skinny guy finds weight gainers and tries them, or some other worthless supplement, and never really understands why he is not big and muscular like the other guys at the gym.

Well, hard gainers there is hope for you! Here are my 5 ways to build muscle fast for skinny guys

1) 10 Reps Max

If you are lifting beyond 10 reps then you are actually using more of your slow twitch muscles. Keep your weights heavy and don't go beyond 10 reps. You need to hit the maximum amount of muscle fibers. If your goal is really to get ripped, then you have to get into heavy weight mode.

2) Quick and Intense

Hardgainer workouts need to be intense you don't need to spend two hours a day at the gym for your skinny muscles to grow. Your sets need to be done closer together, I generally believe in a 30-60 second rest between sets. Between different exercises, try to get it set up and start your first rep in about 2 min. To begin you may feel out of your comfort zone. Trust me though this one tip alone will increase your muscle density dramatically over the next month or two.

Your cardio should also follow suit, check out this info on interval training, the best kind of cardio.

3) Max Out Only Once Per Muscle Group

You don't have to go to failure every time you pick up a weight. You want to keep your muscles stimulated and in growth mode. You don't however want to rip them to shreds so that it takes 2 weeks for them to recoup. This is not effective muscle building and is not one of the ways to build muscle fast. If you take one heavy exercise and go to failure on it, then you aim for about 90% of the way to failure for the rest you will be doing at more than enough to stimulate your muscles. For example, if you are working your shoulders and doing presses and upright rows in one day. Pick your presses and go to failure on them. Don't however go to failure on your upright rows and whatever else you are doing for your shoulders.

4) Focus On Compound Exercises

You will never build the muscles you want to by doing shoulder shrugs and leg extensions. This is not one of the ways to build muscle fast. Sure there is a time for these, but lets face it you are doing these because they are easier than what you should be doing. Your hardgainer workouts need to center around the following kind of exercises. Legs - Squats and Deadlifts (these are the most important of all) Chest - Bench press, and Dips Back - Rows and Pull ups or Pull Downs Shoulders - Presses

It's that simple. You can vary these exercises by doing them at different angles and in different orders, but these are the exercises that are going to beef you up. Simple as that.

Want the best advice on exercise that provide the best ways to build muscle fast?

5) Put On More Plates

You should be keeping a log, so I suggest that you take a little log book around with you at the gym. Keep a routine and track your reps/sets and weights. You can also put little notes down, like how your muscles felt etc. This way you can track your progress. You should be trying to increase your weight by about 5% every other week. You simply must keep improving to keep building and stimulating those muscles. Especially if you are a hard gainer trying to get ripped.

Hardgainers Unite

This is not your typical bodybuilding advice, but if you are reading this and are a skinny guy looking to get ripped, then you are not your typical bodybuilder. You are looking for ways to build muscle fast and these are the best ways to do that. Like I said in the intro, I was 6' tall and about 155 lbs soaking wet. Now I am still 6' but have graduated up to 200lbs and that is real muscle. Trust me?if a bean pole like me can get ripped, so can you.