Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Sea Veg President Calls For A Stop To Multivitamin Usage by Timmy Vic

From The Farmasea Newsroom:

FarmaSea Health's President, and maker of Super Sea Veg, Scott Kennedy has called for a national stop to multivitamin usage. Kennedy, the dynamic founder of Farmasea Health feels certain that some of the cancer cases in America today could be eradicated through the elimination of multivitamins.

"Multivitamins cause cancer," declares Kennedy. "They are synthetic clones of actual food vitamins and minerals and, as laboratory 'experiments', they wreak havoc on the body's systems. Not only do they do nothing positive for individuals but they actually cause cancer in some cases."

To back up his findings, Kennedy cites studies from such top names as Johns Hopkins and Memorial Sloan-Kettering. He also urges adults to be very careful when giving their children any kind of multivitamins that are not 100% food.

"What parent would knowingly feed his or her child something that caused cancer?" asks Kennedy. "But that's what moms and dads do in this country every single day. They have believed the hype about multivitamins and then wonder why their kids are getting so sick. It's a sad reality and it’s time we stopped fueling the drug-based multivitamin machine."

Kennedy's suggested alternative to multivitamins is his company's Super Sea Veg, a dietary FOOD supplement that is creating using a proprietary blend of 12 edible sea plants. Super Sea Veg can be found online at SuperSeaVeg and is recommended for daily use.

Concludes Kennedy, "I started taking Super Sea Veg almost three decades ago and it's made a huge difference in my life. I want others to have that opportunity, too."