Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eye Health and Laser Eye Surgery by Kathryn Dawson

When it comes to eyes there are a few problems that can occur. Often these problems arise as we age, but some are quite preventable. Looking after our eyes is important throughout our life as failing eye sight can be a real blight on our lives. There are some lifestyle factors that can affect our eye health. Smokers and those with poor diets for example are more likely to have things wrong with their eyes as they get older. This article will outline all the ways we can help keep our eyes strong and healthy the natural way. Also here in this article will be information about laser eye surgery. Sometimes there is no option or alternative to surgery in order to correct a problem with the eyes. Here you will be able to read about this too.

Living a healthy life will ensure our eyes have the best chance of staying healthy. This means you should not smoke, you should limit alcohol and you should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. This is usually the advice for keeping any health related problem at bay and with the eyes it is no different. Although it may even seem strange, getting regular exercise can also help. It is an indirect help - if you exercise your body will be strong and healthy. If your body is strong and healthy then so will your eyes be.

Our eyes are under increasing strain as the years progress. Staring at computer screens and televisions for hours on end can cause them to be a bit sore. Have you ever had tired or puffy looking eyes? That could be your eyes' way of telling you that they need a bit of a break. If you think you are suffering from eye strain then you should take frequent breaks from whatever activity you are doing. You can try a few exercises such as closing your eyes for 10 seconds at a time every now and again. You can also make them follow the hands of an imaginary clock on the wall in front if you want to give them a good workout!

Unfortunately eye problems can occur regardless of measures taken. When we age our eyes can degenerate which can lead to worsening eye sight and other serious problems. Often there is only one solution and that is surgery. Laser eye surgery is becoming a common and popular way to correct a host of problems. Cataract surgery in particular is on the rise. This is a painless and quick procedure that replaces the hardened and cloudy lens of the eye with an artificial one. The results are instant and a person's sight will be restored. Laser eye surgery can also be used to reshape the cornea which can correct several problems. Glaucoma occurs when there is not enough space in the eye for fluid to pass. This can either be because of a narrow canal or it can be because the canals have been blocked. Sometime eye drops will help if the problem is due to a blockage.

When there is simply not enough space in the eye channel for the fluid to pass, then surgery is the only answer. Glaucoma is a very serious condition and if not treated the pressure that builds up in the eye can cause blindness. Laser eye surgery has restored the sight of millions of people around the world suffering from conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

If you think you may have a problem with your eyes then you should seek medical assistance. Laser eye surgery is available for a host of conditions and works as an effective cataract treatment. It can also work as treatment for macular degeneration and glaucoma. In order to avoid surgery altogether you should ensure you look after your eyes from a young age.