Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laser Eye Surgery by Kathryn Dawson

There are a large number of eye conditions that can be helped by laser eye surgery. Often people don't realise how this procedure could help them, but a large number of glasses wearers and those with serious eye problems can find a solution with some kind of laser eye surgery. If you have bad eyesight or a member of your family does then this article will provide the answers you have been looking for. Here you will learn exactly what laser eye surgery can do and what problems it can fix.

To start with it is important to look at the eye diseases and problems that can be fixed with laser eye surgery. Cataracts are a particularly common eye condition that affects people as they start to get older. Cataracts isn't a painful condition but it can slowly start to affect a person's sight and if it is not treated eventually a person's sight will go completely. Laser eye surgery works very well for this condition. Cataracts occurs when the lens of the eye starts to harden and become cloudy. It is slow to progress and can take a number of years. As the lens degenerates, sight becomes blurry. During laser eye surgery the lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial one and so sight is restored instantly. It is still better to treat cataracts early on however and conditions of the eye shouldn't be left without treatment for too long.

Another condition that can be fixed with laser eye surgery is dry age related macular degeneration (AMD). Dry AMD occurs as the cells in the eye's macular begin to break down. Wet AMD is not as common and is more serious than this. Wet AMD is caused by the eye experiencing leaking blood vessels. The leaking causes the retina to pull away from the wall of the eye slowly over time and if left without treatment can leave the person totally blind. Dry AMD can be treated with laser eye surgery and/or altering lifestyle and diet, whereas Wet AMD is usually treated with specific drugs.

Glaucoma is another affliction of the eye that can be helped through eye surgery. In eyes where there is not enough space for fluid to flow pressure can build up in the eye. This pressure needs to be relieved as otherwise the end result (as with most eye conditions) is blindness. Any sight that has been lost as a result of this cannot be restored by surgery, but it can certainly prevent the condition from becoming any worse. If you think you may have an eye condition then you should seek medical attention immediately as some of these conditions are extremely serious and can lead to permanent damage if not caught early enough.

Diabetics need to be particularly careful when it comes to their eye health as Diabetic Retinopathy could occur. This too affects the blood vessels in the eye in the same way that Wet AMD does. If the retina starts to come away then blindness can occur. Laser eye surgery can help in this scenario too. Less serious conditions can also be removed altogether with surgery. For example, if you are affected by blepharospasm, which is the involuntary twitching of the eye, then laser eye treatment can also help you.

Looking after your eyes is extremely important. In the past there wasn't too much that could be done if you suffered from bad eye sight, but the advances in technology now mean that a host of conditions and diseases of the eye can be treated. Now there is no need to put up with poor eyesight even as you age. Whether it is very serious conditions such as diabetic retinopathy or less serious conditions such as blepharospasm, laser eye surgery can help.