Monday, February 20, 2012

Government Support to Impel Brazil Generics Market by Shushmul Maheshwari

The generics industry in Brazil has registered a significant growth rate during the last few years. Our research report “Brazil Generics Market Forecast to 2012”, says that the Brazilian generics market will continue to witness the same uptrend in next few years. It is expected that the generics market will post a CAGR of nearly 19% during 2010 - 2012. Our report has thoroughly examined the factors primarily responsible for growth of the generics industry. The biggest one among them is the strong government support that has made it a norm to prescribe generic in the public sector.

Drawing a comparison between Brazil’s pharmaceutical market and generic drugs market, we have found that the generic segment has grown in line with the development of pharmaceutical market. One of the major issues faced by the Brazilian pharmaceutical market is price models. The government generally purchases drugs through public bidding to get the lowest possible prices and this fact has infused the growth of generic companies.

Our research report has found that both public and private companies are pouring investments to develop new products, treatments, and therapeutics. These companies have focused their strategies on research and development (R&D) to develop generic drugs for oral contraceptive, anti-diabetics, cardiovascular, and other therapeutics. Our report contains thorough information and rational analysis of these therapeutics segments.

We believe that the regulatory environment and IPR regime play an important role in the development of the generics industry of the country, and therefore we have included all the requisite information on the regulatory environment of the country in our research report. In addition, the report highlights various industry restraints, which are blocking the growth of the industry and presents certain useful recommendation, which will be critical to both clients and the government. Moreover, the report provides information on the competitive landscape of the industry along with the SWOT analysis of the key players.

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