Monday, February 20, 2012

What are Photo Facials And Laser Resurfacing? by Nick Messe

Cosmetic procedures aren't for everyone. There are those that believe they pose unnecessary risks to potential patients. There are also those who believe women and men are pressured into these types of procedures by a society that expects physical perfection. Unfortunately, these beliefs are mostly misconceptions.

Cosmetic surgery becomes safer and more affordable each year, with new procedures constantly being developed for those who seek them. Procedures in the modern world are chosen for reasons other than the pressure to be beautiful. Women choose to have these procedures for the same reason they choose to wear make-up. They simply want to look their best and bring out the self-image that most represents how they feel about themselves.

This is especially true of those who are aging. We all want to look as young as we feel. Remember, the body ages quickly but the mind remains young. There are at least four exciting new options available to women and men who wish to remain as youthful on the outside as they are on the inside.

The soft face lift, or S-lift as it is called in Europe, is a minimally invasive face lift that shortens recovery time and takes significantly less time to perform than a regular face lift. People are often able to return to work in only one week. As with all procedures there will be some discomfort. Short term bruising and tightness in the cheek area are possible.

Contour thread lifts accomplish your dream of plastic surgery without a knife.This kind of face lift produces a more natural look than older face lift procedures. Women in their thirties will find it especially rewarding because those traumatic first sags can be remedied safely and easily. Contour thread lifts are a temporary and women over the age of sixty will have to consider stronger solutions.

Photo facials are 30 minute procedures performed a total of six times. They are space out with three weeks between each treatment. There are no knives involved here either. You simply go under intense light that fosters the growth of new cells by invigorating collagen and blood vessels.

Laser resurfacing does what its name implies. It utilizes the power of the laser to resurface, or resurrect, the layers of skin, by removing its outer layers. The result is a more youthful skin texture.

The obvious benefit is that there is no cutting involved in this procedure. The normal risks apply here. There may be tenderness of the face and a temporary change in pigmentation of the skin following the procedures. In more serious cases, the skin may lighten permanently, so if you have a dark skin tone, this procedure might not be for you.

Youth these days isn't only for the young. People want to look as young as they feel, and do it with the least amount of pain and recovery time. All of these procedures can help you achieve your goals. So, go for it and go in for a consultation soon.