Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Important To Get Your Hearing Checked by Nick Messe

Hearing loss creeps up before you know it. Because you can hardly test the average person's ability to hear all the random environmental noises they are exposed to consistently or accurately, it's very difficult to gauge the extent of hearing damage without a guidepost. The only way to get a clear picture of the progression of your hearing loss over time is to have your hearing periodically checked, especially if you live around, work in or frequent areas where noise levels are relatively high.

You could already be gradually losing your hearing and not even know it, but there's no reason you have to settle for being taken by surprise with audiologists ready to diagnose you. You can't discount the ability of low constant background noises to gradually eat away at your hearing abilities. Many of the industrial environments people are exposed to as a matter of routine are full of repetitive engine and machine noises. While these may be the easiest sounds to get used to, as they quickly fade into a background drone, they are still harmful, and can wreak havoc on your ability to hear and distinguish different sounds.

In addition, the techniques we use to combat the noisy surroundings that ruin our focus can also degrade our hearing, especially when we attempt to fight fire with fire. Headphones, radios, televisions and loud personal music players often get turned up so high that the volume is clearly audible to passerby. The wearer's attempt to isolate themselves from the noise around them, has created more noise of their own.

Unfortunately, even recreational noises can damage the delicate structures in the cochlea of the inner ear. Here, tiny hair-like cells detect sounds and transmit the energy from these vibrations as electrical signals to the brain, with the help of a network of sensory neurons. When these structures are subject to too much noise at once, temporary hearing loss can occur

Many folks commonly experience temporary deafness after attending a concert or being close to loud blasts like fireworks. Fever diseases like meningitis easily result in inner ear infection and hearing loss, and so can certain drugs and antibiotics, but the most important, often-neglected factor is the simple damage the cells inside the ear undergo being exposed to noise as they age.

Becoming actively involved in your hearing rehabilitation with an audiologist visit is the only way to find out if you are suffering from hearing loss before it gets out of hand and inconveniences you daily. A large portion of human communication may be centered around body language, according to experts.

Our interpretation of that body language is largely based on our hearing. While many shy away from the perceived stigma of having to wear hearing aids, remember that your pride is not worth your ability to communicate and interact, especially with those loved ones you hold dearest. Get your hearing checked by an audiologist today to avoid further complications.