Monday, February 23, 2015

Everything about menopause

Climax - natural period in the life of every woman. Often, however, the modern representatives of the fair sex who have reached the age of 45, according to the topic difficult to discuss, even taboo, and the phrase "her climax" is perceived as an insult.

Of course, issues related to menopause need to ask and discuss, and better with your doctor.Is it true that women in menopause are particularly irritable?Mood swings, indeed, one of the symptoms of menopause. To these more minor symptoms can also be added poor physical health: chills, drowsiness, weakness, often itchy, burning sensation in the intimate area, incontinence. Fear of women to discuss these symptoms with your doctor affect the quality of life, including personal.
Is it possible to lead an active sex life during menopause?
No contraindications to this no. However, women are often reluctant to have sex, because experience low desire, unpleasant and even painful sensations during intercourse associated with vaginal dryness. These problems can be solved with the help of a local hormone replacement therapy.
Cream and candle with estriol Ovestin - the most effective way to treat mucosal atrophy due to estrogen deficiency in menopause. Estriol is characteristic for the minimum absorption, so the use of local forms Ovestin eliminates the ingress of estriol in the bloodstream and provides only the effect of the hormone on mucous intimate zone.
Treatment Ovestin possible for as long as necessary.
What can bring the menopause?
At the age of 45 to 55 years for each woman takes extinction hormonal function and reduces the production of sex hormones. The main "drivers" climax today - smoking, chronic stress, excess or vice versa underweight, irregular sexual life.
Smoking ages the body as a whole, but particularly strong effect on the female reproductive system. Scientists have shown that the degree of influence of smoking on the approach of menopause depends on the race and the overall genetic predisposition. In this case, more than any other Europeans suffer from cigarettes, they smoking can cause menopause to 9 years before!
Chronic stress causes the so-called syndrome of ovarian failure, which leads to the extinction of sexual function, and thus, contributes to early menopause. That is why stress just need to fight (of course, not using cigarettes and alcohol).
The earliest and irreversible consequences cause starvation diets. Violation of ovarian function and cessation of menstruation can occur even at a young age, if a girl tortures himself to death. However, the extra weight is not good.
The importance of regular sexual life today many people forget, while sex is really able to make life more beautiful: relieve stress, build pressure, saturate the body with oxygen and keep the reproductive organs in a tone that contributes to their long-term youth.
Do I have to adhere to a particular power system at the onset of menopause?
Proper nutrition - an important part of taking care of the female body during menopause. It is important that it be balanced, but in any case - no diet with rigid restrictions.
The first is to draw attention to the fact that in the daily diet attended calcium. It is found not only in dairy products, but also in broccoli, spinach, herbs.
No need to give up carbs, it's a great source of energy. However, sugar and sweet pastries need to replace whole wheat bread, bran and cereals.
For normalization of blood fats should be consumed, but it is worth to give up saturated fats in favor of monounsaturated. Namely, replace the red meat and fish butter and vegetable fats (not only oil, but also products such as nuts and avocados).
In general, the diet should be varied, and include both greens and berries, and different kinds of spices. If you can not make the most varied diet, you should buy a special vitamin complex.
Is it possible to deal with menopause?
It is possible and it is important to combat the negative and painful symptoms of menopause - urogenital disorders. The effectiveness of treatment of urogenital disorders is higher, the earlier it is started. Early administration of hormone therapy is to prevent the development of severe forms of these disorders.