Monday, February 23, 2015

Vitamins for good vision

Once children can spend hours reading a book under the covers. Parents put to bed, and the child secretly took out a flashlight, a book about Robinson Crusoe or the Musketeers, and devoured with gusto chapter by chapter. Today, both adults and children have vision problems are not due to these vigils, and by virtue of civilizational features of society - are now keen eyesight is not necessary for survival. Let's talk about how to maintain and improve vision!Nonstandardized visual load, poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle are the catalysts of hyperopia and myopia - the most common nevozrastnogo (unlike cataract appears usually after 50 years), diseases of the eye.How can you avoid the deterioration of vision? For example, there are blueberries - about its benefits for eye health knows, perhaps even children. Juicy, bluish-gray-blue blueberries - a storehouse of vitamins! However, it is this berry is not cheap even in the season, to say nothing of the autumn-winter period. And how much do you eat it ?!
Of course, "blueberry phenomenon" could not have been interested scientists and doctors. The result of years of research was the development of special vitamin complexes containing bilberry extract and positively affects our visionA variety of visual impairment - the scourge of the 21st century. We spent hours sitting at the computer, read the subway and do not miss the next series of fashion show or cartoon. And rarely looks into the distance - especially compared to our ancestors, the outdoors most of the time. All this is not the best way affects the health of our eyes.
In addition to the regular use of vitamin gel "Chernikoezhka®" follow a few simple rules that can prevent visual impairment:
- Dose load. Periodically take a break while working on the computer for 5-10 minutes;
- Minimize the risks. Limit time spent watching television, or read in dimly lit rooms (for example, in the subway).