Monday, February 23, 2015

How to get rid of chest pain

Patience - it's a great female line, but it is only good for the family, relationships or career, but not in cases when it comes to their own health. Do not tolerate the pain in the breast! Any pain in the body - it is a signal of distress, his request for help. Therefore, breast pain should be treated. Every woman is important to understand the causes of pain.
One of the most common causes of breast pain at any age - a hormonal imbalance. Mastalgia occurs due to compression of the nerve endings swollen breast tissue. Reason edema - an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the breast in the direction of progesterone deficiency. The nature and intensity of pain can be very different: heaviness, tingling, burning, pressure, acute pain, discomfort, possibly fever.
To understand the causes of pain must undergo breast ultrasound or mammogram (in zavismosti of age), and then examining the underlying causes of pain, your doctor may recommend certain medications in the form of tablets or drops, for example, special progesterone gel for pain in the breast glands, which will restore the lost balance of hormones in breast cancer and help get rid of the pain.
Local therapy aimed at filling the lack of progesterone in the breast, can give the effect on the second or third day, but the treatment should be extended to 3 months to achieve a stable result. The therapeutic effect of progesterone gel is achieved only in the breast tissue, without falling into the blood, and without causing systemic impact on a woman's body. After using the gel in the breast tissue increases the concentration of progesterone, a hormone imbalance is eliminated and thus disappears one of the main causes of mastitis.